7 comments on “Archaeogeneticist pinpoints Indian population origins using today’s populace

    • Yes… my fault, I did not realize he linked it to my site Rob. I have it set for members only. Give me a few and I will go set it for public viewing for you Sir.


        • Oh man, Thank you Rob that means it is reading all previous posts as still members only. All new posts from now on will auto post as public now that I changed it. Roberto can view them because he is logged in.

          This script has been like rewiring a 747 and there are still kinks in the wires. It has great options and controls not found in others that I really like. But this has a LOT of them to set up because it is a Content Management System.

          In this particular situation there is an option to make each post readable in house only or full public. While I like that feature for a “community” site, each individual post has been auto posting as in house rather than public as a default.

          So I now need to go find the controls and mass edit all these to public. Sorry about that, I will go mark this one as public right now. Loading a script only takes a few minutes, getting all the kinks out can take a couple months as you run into things like this. lol


    • Good deal Rob. I know you folks have your plates full and are very busy but If you ever decide you would like to come participate with comments and replies you are all absolutely welcome too. just grab my email address from here and I will return a reply with the invitation code to get in.


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