16 comments on “Chinampas Farming

  1. I have always been marveled by this. It is Aquaponics science that even rivals current modern advances in this science. And It probably helped feed fish by attracting insects, and the roots helped clean the water on top of it!

    Great topic Roberto! It really is incredible science for the time. 🙂


    • Pretty sure the Aztecs got this farming technique from the Toltec so it wouldn’t surprise me if it was used elsewhere in their realms too, Barb.


    • Yes I’m sure this drew fish, birds, and other wildlife as essentially what they were also creating was an oasis along with their farms. These people were highly ingenious I think.


      • Each patch would have been it’s own little ecosystem for sure. 🙂

        And you’re right Rob, it is ingenious, There are folks trying these type of methods now days and it has been quite a challenge even now.


  2. Crap…Sorry about that Rob…I just knew I was going to get in a hurry and mix up your names at some point. I truly did not mean to Sir. 🙂


    • In my own “adventures” I’ve come across a few “mysterious places” and a few times I’ve come across a few lakes with small islands in them full of vegetation. But what’s interesting is a few of these appeared to me to have some kind of weaved “fence” sticking up out of the water near the islands. Not much of course and I couldn’t get a close look but I remember wondering who would put a weaved fence on the little islands. Sorry but I’m going to have to think harder about this and remember exactly where I’ve seen them. To be exact I’ve seen them in Northern Arizona and New Mexico, I think.


      • Wow, that would be pretty significant Barb. If I’m right…I think the closest find to something like this in north America was the find down in the southeast I think, Where they found the culture who was actually cultivating and farming Aquatic tubers. So to find what you mention would be a fantastic addition to early aquatic cultivation! 🙂


        • I keep thinking about this and I know when I saw these structures I passed them off as something modern, honestly, wondering what idiot put baskets out in the water lol. I know that’s a mean thought but that’s what I honestly thought at the time. I had no idea it might have been some sort of ancient farming technique so now I’m eating my words. :O


          • Don’t feel bad… I have done that too. In fact it is kind of happening this morning. So after my rant about participation I find myself in the hot seat to respectfully make some very needed replies and article comments, and wouldn’t you know it? My internet connection is almost unusable this morning because the wind is blowing again. I’m trying though! 🙂


  3. I want to welcome Jon Moore to this blog. He is an archaeologist, organic farmer, earth philosopher, and author. He has authored two books which are “Zen Druid II: Book of Symbols, A year of spiritual growth” and “The Fates.” You can find these books on Amazon. He also puts out podcasts on his site “World Organic News” which can be found at:


    He also has another blog at:


    Welcome Mr Moore and please feel free to like and comment 🙂


  4. Welcome Mr Moore! I am very interested in Symbology, Is this the topic in your Book of Symbols? I am very much looking forward to more if you find time!


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