5 comments on “Who Built Teotihuacan?

  1. Yes we used to think that Teotihuacan was built by the Toltec but then some dates were revised and suddenly we concluded that someone before the Toltecs or some unknown people built the place. Problem is none of the Native people have any stories (oral traditions) about their ancestors having built the place. Also, the Maya and Aztecs have stories that tell how they stumbled upon all of these abandoned cities and that they didn’t actually build them. What they did was to repair them and that is why we find older slightly smaller pyramids inside the pyramids we see today. Basically, they were just overlaying the older pyramids with new material.

    So who built them? Some theorists believe the Olmec may have been the builders but where’s the evidence? Personally, I still believe that Teotihuacan was built by the Toltec whom I think go back way further than we think. I also think that the Toltec were the forefathers of the Aztec and Maya and quite possibly the Hohokam (northern Toltec). I think that the Toltec had a far-flung high civilization that extended from the American Southwest all the way down into Central America and maybe beyond. We are missing something BIG here!


      • Could Carlos Castaneda be right in his claim that the Toltec were MUCH older than we think today? Many think his books were fiction, but where they??

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        • Thank you for posting William and we are happy to have you here. In answer to your question several years ago I read Castaneda and even then I suspected that some of the claims he made might be true. Frankly, I think he was right, n that, the Toltec were MUCH OLDER than we suspect. Yes, the books are supposed to be fiction but even in fiction often times there are “elements of truth.”

          I STILL think that the Toltecs built Teotihuacan and I DO think they are older than we suspect AND I also think their culture and influence was far wider than we suspect too.

          Here’s something else I’ve also thought about…..sometimes authors write a book of “fiction” but they throw in large amounts of truth or what they believe to be truth. I’ve found this with other authors across the years too besides Castaneda.

          Thank you for bringing this up 🙂


        • I think it’s most likely that the Toltec culture is much older than we presently believe. I have also noticed that many fictional books include elements of truth and fact so Castaneda’s ideas may not be as far fetched as some might believe. I would also agree that the Toltec or their forerunners built Teotihuacan and other sites also. More research needs to be done to determine just who the builders were and what connection the Toltec had to them.


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