4 comments on “Cognitive Skills Differ Across Cultures and Generations

  1. Thank you Rob! I guess that old adage “you are your Father’s Son” has some truth to it? You make a good point about the importance of tribes and clans, This alone probably prevented our extinction. If it were not for organized shared labor and apprenticeships we may have been done for.

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    • I agree. Clans were important as they also gave our ancestors a sense of belonging and promoted cooperation. Thus began the prehistoric socialization process.


    • I saw it and ignored it because I think it’s junk science. I’m sure their so called “research” will be used to further the feminist agenda to pulverize any and all males. You/we need to be careful with some of the “research” today because it is very POLITICAL and I think this is some of that. FACT is males were the hunters, builders, and providers in ancient societies and without them there would be no human race. The attacks on males and the bullshit of the fems trying to neuter us physically and/or psychologically needs to stop!

      BTW I’ll be posting some posts here about masculinity which I’m sure will send some people into a rabid frenzy LMAO.


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