2 comments on “The Hohokam: Northern Toltecs-part 3

  1. So in the 1930s and 1960s this site was excavated and then suddenly they decided to bury it again to prevent artifact robbing? LOL my ass! They found something that they wanted to cover-up. Something that didn’t belong!

    I’m willing to bet that these Hohokam (northern Toltec) had a civilization that rivaled anything found in Egypt, Rome, or Greece. In fact, their culture may have well surpassed those other cultures. And, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if at least some of the “hills” we look at in the Southwest are buried pyramid structures. Personally, I think the Toltec and those who came before them who built Teotihuacan were a high civilization that pretty much dominated the American Southwest, Mexico, and the Mayan lands in the Yucatan. Of course they would never tell us the truth because that would mean our great Western civilizations had a MAJOR RIVAL in the Americas.

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    • I think if a serious effort were made we’d find plenty of “hills” in the Southwest that are actually buried pyramids. I would also tend to agree with you about the Toltec influence being widespread.

      Sites have been dug up (excavated) and then reburied so this is not odd but after all the work done in the 30s and 60s it almost seems a waste of time and money to rebury the site. I actually find this strange too. They had to have know the place was significant and home to a major culture so I don’t fully understand why they reburied it.


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