4 comments on “325 BC: Man in the Arctic…Truth or Lie?

    • Yep, It’s not rational thinking at all. 🙂 I believe this story could be true because of the “Jelly like substances”. There is a phenomena that happens only in the arctic when methane escapes from the tundra and creates a strange semi-frozen foamy ice that does indeed have the consistency of Jelly, I think they call it “Arctic comb jelly”. One would have had to been there and actually seen it to describe it so correctly.

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      • Ah yes 1492 when then absolute RAT named Columbus “discovered” America LOL. But we are beginning to discover that many people discovered the Americas such as the Vikings and possibly the Chinese long before Columbus. And if you read Dr Barry Fell he provides archaeological evidence even more ancient people coming to the Americas long before Columbus such as the Phoenicians etc.

        And then here in Tucson we have the enigmatic Roman City out by Silverbell Lake and those pesky Roman crosses and weapons that nobody wants to talk about or take seriously. This summer, however, I hope to do some research on this enigma and examine those artifacts myself and in person.

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        • I poked around with that find for awhile. There are conflicting stories and good arguments both ways so I was tossed and really couldn’t go either way on it. Please share if “hands on” gives you any insight. Apparently there is question about if they were actually found in situ or not, and if a young man who could read about history made replicas for a hobby. It would be very interesting to know more Roberto!


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