7 comments on “The San Code: Sad Statement to Researchers!!

  1. We should start giving them the benefit of the doubt and consider their stories as possibly true as a first basis in following research rather that discrediting these without even taking the time to consider them.

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    • I find it ironic that the more we research, the more we find some of these oral traditions are absolutely true. LOL slap in the face to the egotistical “experts”!


  2. “Native people have survived for eons in challenging and even hostile environs because they have “inferior ways”? Seriously? Wow! That’s a stretch isn’t it?”

    i was thinking this exact thing when i read this. who do you think will survive the impending climate changes, especially if they are a bit drastic. yes i believe in climate change. just because sometimes it is static it is there as much as weather change. time is the big difference between the two and bad weather today kills people. to hot or to cold, to windy, or to much rain. any combination can be deadly to us domesticated types. like you said the people that live within the systems of nature have survived ions, how long will those living in cushy penthouses survive when a tsunami or hurricane is headed for their beachfront condo? i put my money on the “primitive” as they already have survived climate changes, duh.


    • You are 100% right! The tribal people are always the survivors! The sophisticated, decadent die and die quickly. Any major climate catastrophe and a majority of those in the cities will die quickly either by the event or killing each other. Panic will grip some and they will die via heart failure. And then there will be those who have no survival skills and who will sit and wait for Safeway to deliver their packaged meat that will never arrive. Myself, anything like this happens and I’m out as quickly as possible. I’ll take my chances in the wilds.


      • They still retain a lot of survival knowledge they have not shared with us because we wouldn’t listen to it anyways. Our loss.

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  3. Hm, I’m not sure about this. Pulling our heads out of our arses is a splendid idea, of course, but it’s still our heads that don’t know what they do … There are so many ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ in your post, and this raises hackles with me. Because it has no correspondence with any reality that I can see.

    Cultural and linguistic diversity is disappearing so fast it’s taking my breath away. It’s happening and nobody has any idea as to what to do about it. Very likely there is nothing we can do.

    So I’m glad the San have taken this thing in their own hands: they remain open for contact, research, and what have you. In short they remain open to us! Bless them!

    And to take a big leap from here: SSA is full of developments, concepts, understanding of the world, that is so heartening! Not all is lost, and much is growing in good health quite outside our (so-called) knowledge.

    And who knows, some day I will learn to dance, talk to the ancestors and spirit-helpers. Be connected! Time is running out for me, but I will send younger ones to take my place …


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