16 comments on “Along the Phantom Canyon Road

  1. I like Paul’s Writings. I used to live in the Springs and been here to Phantom canyon. It is a pretty place. The road that goes through the Canyon was once an old railroad bed to the mining districts. That whole are around the Springs is unique because it is right where the prairie meets the Rockies. There are a lot of really beautiful places that the tourists don’t know about… 🙂

    This is one of my arguments. There are many many places that stay nice and the locals respect. Then someone from out of town decides it needs to be protected. (it already was because very few knew it was even there). Then once it is designated as a Monument or Park it can be compared to a theme park with advertisement and all, and it ends up getting trashed because they just can’t keep up with it all. If they had just left it alone…

    Sometimes trying to do a good thing can result in backlash and ends up being a bad thing.

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    • You hit the nail on the head there. I don’t know how long ago you were in the Springs, but the town has really changed in the last twenty years — let alone the land around it. There’s been a huge migration to the Springs of Southern Californians, mainly Evangelicals trying to escape the worldly den of sin that is S. California. What’s happened is the town and suburbs have begun to look a whole lot like Orange County. Then you get up into the forests and some places are wall to wall RVs on the weekends.


      • It’s been quite awhile Paul. I can just imagine. The same thing is happening in my area here in Northern Az. They come from California because they don’t like the crime there and want a place to come hide once in awhile. Problem is they move in permanent and now they want to change us into California.

        Most are activists, guess they can’t help it, must be in their DNA. So now they are getting into the local politics and trying to turn us into the same mess California is in. They forget they left for a reason. And that same reason is why we don’t live in California either.

        If they move to Az they should to become an Arizonian and learn to sleep on the ground like us. You move to a place because of what it already is, not want you want to turn it into. If they are hell bent on changing things, stay in LA and fix the problem they created themselves, don’t bring them to us too.

        The last time I was in the Springs Paul, there were still open fields between Security and Academy Blv. and there was nothing south of Security or Fort Carson but open fields and like you say a few trees. Sounds like that is all gone now from what you wrote. 🙂

        Is Fargos Pizza still there? I thought that place was fascinating with history. It was full of old Player Pianos and Nickelodeons. And all the windows were facet cut Crystal panels set in lead. It was a pretty cool place. I don’t remember if the Pizza was any good…but the place was cool! lol

        There also was a great steakhouse on the west side of academy called the Three Thieves, it was probably the best steakhouse I have ever eaten at to date! The springs bring back lot’s of memories. Manitou Springs, Barr trail, Garden of the Gods,The Broadmoor…

        I had come from the desert to the Springs and it was quite a change for me at the time.

        Thank you for dropping in and Thank you for writing about it to bring back some old memories Paul. 🙂


  2. your right keep the pie hole shut and nobody will know your favorite remote places. protect them and call attention to them then we need a trailer park so people can go “camping”. they shoe horn their tri-axle 5th wheel with at least 3 slide-outs in next to the exact same thing, fire up the generator, flip up the sat. dish, toss a “healthy choice” tv dinner in the microwave, ahhhh camping with all the amenities of home. oops, forgot to fire up the i-hone to check the e-mail and see if there are any more likes on the latest selfie… you can forget a campfire, they make us smell like smoke and that clashes with my axe body spray.

    right after i installed a forest service approved fire ring, on a small concrete slab, we cooked some rib steaks on it and they were delicious. i didn’t have time to rub sticks together so i used a match. the following monday at work my wife tells her coworker about the delicious steaks. the coworker couldn’t believe the fire thing. “how did you do that?” and “wasn’t that hard?” i realize it is not a gas grill, or electric stove, or microwave but it is not new technology either.

    i have come to 1 conclusion after reading about “modern” and ancient people. whether the technology is new or old, whether climate change is real or hoax, we are all circling the drain, and none of us and i do mean none of us are gonna get out this alive!

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    • Boy are you right! The worst thing is they bring their “City ways” to a normally quiet Rural area. There are a lot of other factors in this too, Like what happens when they start feeding the animals and disrupting their natural habits and create illnesses, locals know NOT to do this…

      And what about the locals who already live here because they do love it and respect it? Now one size fits all policy mandates that they can’t even take a shovel and knock down a wash bank enough to get in and out of their own property, they could get fined or go to jail if they do.

      Think you are going to pass it down to your Grandkids? No when your last direct descendent passes away it ends there and is taking by eminent domain. Even though your family, like mine, Has been paying local taxes on it for almost a century.

      They pay Local county taxes yet now receive no County representation. They call the Fire dept and they in turn call the BLM to respond because it is “out of their district” and in a federal reserve. Then the BLM charges YOU for the costs of putting out the fire.

      Now that it is no longer patrolled by local Sheriffs as local tax representation, it is patrolled and enforced by Federal Rangers. Which means if you get a ticket you are forced to appear in a Federal court rather than a County court that you payed taxes for. And in front of a judge that you did not elect. And in front of a jury not truly of your peers and fellow local taxpayers.

      Out here the Fed court for this is on a military reserve and the judge is used to dealing with very serious military conduct among military personnel, To him everyone is “fed property” per say. Think you are going to get a fair and just judgment for a local minor traffic violation? Don’t count on it.

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  3. I like the Native American concept which I think is 100% true. That is, we don’t own the land. The land owns us! Funny how Mother Nature has a way of reminding us of that every so often 🙂

    The last time I camped in a campground near other people was about 30 years ago. People were all over and that’s not my idea of camping. They played loud music almost all night long and drank like sailors. Our was the only camp with a campfire btw. They reset were “safe and sound” in their RVs with all the comforts of home. It was a nightmare!!! From then on I decided no more and have never camped in a campground since! I find my spot, pitch my tent, light the fire and I’m in heaven in the peace and quiet.

    Nature is indifferent and many times not so kind. In fact, nature is often harsh. These people will be expecting nature to “save” them but they will soon realize it is nature attacking them LOL. That day is coming soon I think and yes there is going to be a lot of dying going on and the few who manage to survive will begin again.

    This seems to be the pattern with man and nature. We work our way up, get materialistic and greedy, and nature soon knocks our collective asses back into the Stone Age, literally. Yet, we never learn……………

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    • And after the Campers and Treasure Hunters, come those who make sure No One at all has access to it without a 25 mile one way hike in. And not just that spot, but all your other spots too and two million square miles surrounding all your spots. 🙂

      It won’t be much longer and there will not be any place to camp on public lands “except” in the official campgrounds that charge to rub shoulders with these city folk. We are slowly allowing ourselves to be herded into cages…

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