6 comments on “The Homing Signal in Your Brain Revealed!

  1. This is great! I might be wrong, but this area also has a lot of interaction with the Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland has been a pet study project of my own for years now. This falls into one of Rob’s fields of knowledge and Study and it would be great to also read his input on this when he gets the time.

    These both are part of the Primal Brain Stem where our instincts come from. Man has been spiritually aware of this for thousands of years now. This area is where “heightened awareness” comes from and can be exercised to be more sensitive and more aware of our surroundings.

    The Pineal Gland is actually a Crystal Transceiver and what has been called the “third eye” in many religions for thousands of years. It really is quite interesting what these biological facts unfold about ourselves and how they influenced historic spirituality and religion!

    Great topic and find Roberto! I love this stuff! And everyday we find new things to prove ancient ideals correct!


  2. This goes along with my assertion that our ancient ones were not the “savages” we’ve been told they were. Far from it in fact! Consider H. erectus….according to the OOA theory they migrated out of Africa into Asia, Europe, SE Asia, and I say the Americas too. So what? They were just roaming around like lost sheep? LOL. I think not! This species of human had some intelligence that motivated them to keep pushing onward. Had these people not been intelligent they would have never made it much past Africa! They would have been predator food.


  3. And easy prey at that! They didn’t just fall over and play dead because they didn’t know any better! They had critical thinking skills. Like you say, we would be extinct if that were the case!

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  4. This explains why some people have a better sense of direction than others. In some people this signal is stronger while in others it is weaker. Why? I’d like to see them determine the reason for this. Or, could it simply be it is weaker in people who pay less attention to their surroundings? Honestly, I think being observant has something to do with this also.


    • I agree Barb, The way we pay attention now days, we would have been eaten right away back then. Guess I shouldn’t say we, I should say Most…

      Hope you don’t mind me saying this… But I’m really starting to like you. You just went and mentioned the Forbidden word “Why?” with a very reasonable question following it.

      I really wish more would do this… lol


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