5 comments on “Neanderthals: Assimilated by Modern Humans!

  1. Absolutely, every species has it’s own capabilities, advantages and niche in the circle of life. To judge a gorilla by the habits of a Capuchin isn’t reality because their environments are totally different and each has adapted to fit their own unique part of their own.

    So I’m curious? have you come up with a feasible theory yet why almost every early species on earth had this infatuation for Red Ocher? I have thought about this a lot and still a bit stumped why this paint was so popular. Even seems it was used in isolated places who would have never even had any contact with anyone else using it.

    There are also a whole lot of other very common soft Ores that could be used as paint in many different colors, yet it is always Always Red Ocher. lol


    • You know I’ve heard that the perfect camouflage color is red. When it comes to the Neanderthals they must have been well camouflaged as many of them had red hair and red body hair. So they’ve fit into their surroundings perfectly. Maybe the chose red ocher because it was the same color as most of them. But there is something else I’ve noticed……….

      A lot of modern people like the color red and it’s varied pigments. Red seems to have an attraction to us for some reason. Perhaps the ancients had the same attraction. Yes there are different pigments of ocher but for some reason most of our ancestors chose to use red ocher. Some even painted their bodies in it and they were considered, apparently, most attractive. We also find this in modern day prehistoric tribes. A native man can be very handsome but should he paint his body, whole or part, he’s considered even more handsome.

      So I think it boils down to attraction. Humans have an innate attraction to red for some reason.


      • This makes sense Roberto and it is indeed intriguing,. I have always wondered if there might also be some sort of spiritual connection. Like giving the appearance that they are good hunters and covered with Blood after processing a kill.

        I know it was this way for the Picts and Scots. They painted their faces Blue before Battles to give the appearance and impression that they were already considering themselves as dead and in turn had no fear of dying in battle.

        This really did have some great psychological success and install an uncertainty in their enemies as to whether they stood a chance or not against an army that was already dead and had nothing to lose.

        Know what! I just remembered something! For some reason Red is extremely hard to see, if at all, by persons and animals that are Color Blind! Camouflage just may be the real answer!


        • And what better way to prepare a hunter for the next hunting ground prior to burial! Get him camouflaged up and ready! They knew even then we are recycled and will hunt again! 🙂


  2. The Gauls (Celts) in France used to do the same. Naked bodies and painted blue with lime in their hair making them look like something out of the “Twilight Zone.” With the Hopi red is a spiritual color. Hopi legend says that when the Pahana returns he will be carrying a red staff and wearing red as he emerges from the East. This is why the Hopi elders sit atop their pueblos every morning facing eastward as the sun rises. They are watching for the return of the Pahana.


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