16 comments on “Man in the Americas: Extraordinary Sites and Changing Paradigms!

  1. Lol. Now there is the Peron that brought me here! You are right on target with this rant Roberto. It is all being hindered based on Ego, Funding, Expensive Courses. Book sales, Etc.

    Speaking of book sales! what a racket that is! And of course the prerequisite for a class is mandated instructional materials, And it always requires the book this particular instructor happened to write. and some schools force you to buy this book through them only at super inflated prices compared to what civilian retail prices would be for the very same book!

    Sorry, you reminded me what a scam the whole thing really is, and how it truly hurts real science, and my biggest complaint is the greedy book scam!

    So I had to add my additional two cents rant to this great on target rant… 🙂


  2. The book prices are absolutely outrageous today in colleges. I thought they were bad enough when I was in college but now just to hear the prices is even shocking. But, such are the ways of a greed ridden nation! 🙂


    • Where the heck is Ralph Nader when you need him? Remember those days? When even fast food was forced to actually make their hamburger look like the one in their ads? He actually created a positive situation in this country in favor of consumers and consumer protection. This is all gone again…Time for another Nader movement!

      Two of my kids just finished an advanced medical course. They took it at the same time and the number of books they were required to have was incredible. They actually had to go take a joint loan out to finance everything required for the two of them. This is totally unrealistic.


  3. About Stone Tools… My BLM Archaeologist friend and I are in a debate about surface collecting on federal lands you might be able to help with Everyone. I’m not sure where we stand with this currently.

    He stands by the “Carter” rule that surface collection of just Points is legal but you can’t dig, but I’m not so sure he is right on this. I thought there were additional changes to this rule passed in 1992?

    Could you enlighten me on where we legally stand for sure on this? Sources are quite vague on this and the BLM appears to no longer have this information available…


    • Going out and picking up arrowheads or whatever on the surface is still legal. Digging requires permission from the land owner or agency. Start digging wihout permission or permit and it’s grave robbing.


      • Thank you Rob! My friend is right then. I don’t trust anyone who works for a federal agency… Friend or Foe and needed to get some second unbiased input. The federal sites are very vague about the exact details, probably because they don’t even want to hint that it is indeed still legal to surface collect. They would rather have NO ACCESS at all onto PUBLIC lands. 🙂

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      • I should have mentioned that I was aware that no digging was allowed period. But I was not sure if additional restrictions against surface collection were added when the 92 laws were passed and my Friend may not have been aware of these. He can collect and dig anywhere he likes because he is a Lord and might not be up to speed on restrictions against the Serfs. Lol


          • Pisses me off… They have boxes of points sitting in storage with absolutely no documentation of where they were found or in what circumstances of strata Etc. Hypocrisy! “Hey wait! Stop! This major project is going no further until we study this and issue a new permit for 300,000 dollars”, then they just go throw it in a box of mixed crap with no documentation and collect the new permit fees and never actually study shit. They do not care about the historical value of these finds at all… Just the permit money and the delaying of much needed repairs on infrastructure.

            Talked to a local project manager the other day. He was telling me that instead of just waiting for a tortoise to make it’s way across the road on it’s own they charge his project $10,000 to have several Bios “Herd” the Tortoise out of the way. And he has NO CHOICE but to do it this way.

            This crap is why nothing is getting done and utilities are becoming unaffordable….

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            • Sadly what you say is very true JR. In fact, there are things stored away in back rooms of museums and universities collected 60 or more years ago that have simply been forgotten either by oversight or intention. For example, the University of Arizona has a rock slab in a drawer about about 3×3 ft and a mammoth is carved on it along with some other items. Where did it come from? When was the caving made? They seem not to know! It was featured one time on the old series “In Search of” with Leonard Nimoy btw.

              The red tape is absolutely suffocating now! This is what happens when you have UN-elected bureaucrats running things.


              • Need to chase that one down my friend… 🙂 Don’t forget… There are always FACTUAL oral traditions behind that Rock… Some Great-grandkid knows the story…

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  5. My thoughts? Too many for one post! For one thing I’ve never understood why the supposed expansion of homo erectus should stop in East Asia when the Americas were wide open. Seems to me the entire model that produced the homo erectus line is totally compromised with the emergence of homo floresiensis. Homo habilis was there all along. From Africa? Should he be? It seems that our models just keep track with what we can find where, rather than a genuine reflection of what ‘really’ went down back in them days.
    That brings me to my second point: we haven’t been able to find anything in the Americas! Nothing but anomalies that cannot convey meaning. Because archeology in the Americas is a closed-up shop! Dumb as a doornail! Looking at what has been found in South America by perfectly serious scientists it’s difficult to conceive of an academic reason why the Clovis-first paradigm has held out for so long. Not even Monte Verde can be explained by an Asian population canooing down the Kelp Road never stopping until they they reached Chile! Even if they show maritime adaptation. Tom Dillehay knows this full well, I’m sure. He has dates up his sleeve well before 25 kya. But he doesn’t press those simply because he has been let into the shop at a price! To him this was probably – just guessing here – a price worth paying in order to protect the careers of his assistents. Patience is the name of his game as far as ‘the truth’ is concerned: the work has been done, and now we just wait for the paradigm to catch up with the results.
    Meanwhile many people have been massacred in the process. Louis Leakey, the Topper-site, Cerutti-Mastodon, and god knows how many more! Sites bull-dozed because there can’t be anything underneath, valuable material waning away unlabelled in storage-facilities, all but worthless as evidence of anything. And to me most glaringly the Montana boy! Supposed to be Clovis! On no evidence whatsoever! A tractor brought out his bones. Infinitely careful dating placed his remains at some centuries past-Clovis. This is a new-comer from Beringia buried with – or on top of – some Clovis points: that doesn’t make him Clovis, on the contrary. At best it proves how venerated the Clovis-technology was. Hence his genes may not reflect the pre-Beringia situation. They might though, if we think of the Beringia-influx as starting 24 kya BCE (a steady trickle) to become a torrent around 12 kya.
    Fact is it’s wide open!! We know practically nothing! And it’s high time we started looking! But here’s still an awful lot of people (‘scientists’ as well as their journalese clacque) going to extremes to prevent this. E.g. the Solutrean hypothesis never got a proper hearing: to my mind it’s perfectly possible that Solutreans made it to Americas in the LGM, to be wiped out by the Dryas-event ( if that event really happened: it seems to have), leaving only some genetical marks in the Ojibway (?). Questionmarks all over the place!

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    • Thank you for your comments jaap and welcome. You echo what I’m saying all over this site. We DON’T really know anything. We have a lot of fossil remains and a lot of assumptions and that’s about it, frankly. And don’t even get me started on the “powers that be” and their control of the money and careers! Many sites have indeed been bulldozed or covered over or simply covered up across the Americas. I myself have found Oldowan artifacts that are NOT suppose to be in the Americas but lo and behold there they ARE! But, of course, they are passed off as mere geofacts just like all those from Calico Hills and other American sites. As for the Solutreans I too believe they were in the Americas and a resounding NO they never did get a fair hearing because the theory directly challenges the beloved and so politically correct OOA!! Sad that we allow our politics to enter into our science which then blurs the truth.


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