3 comments on “Man in the Americas: Extraordinary Sites and Changing Paradigms!

  1. Lol. Now there is the Peron that brought me here! You are right on target with this rant Roberto. It is all being hindered based on Ego, Funding, Expensive Courses. Book sales, Etc.

    Speaking of book sales! what a racket that is! And of course the prerequisite for a class is mandated instructional materials, And it always requires the book this particular instructor happened to write. and some schools force you to buy this book through them only at super inflated prices compared to what civilian retail prices would be for the very same book!

    Sorry, you reminded me what a scam the whole thing really is, and how it truly hurts real science, and my biggest complaint is the greedy book scam!

    So I had to add my additional two cents rant to this great on target rant… 🙂


  2. The book prices are absolutely outrageous today in colleges. I thought they were bad enough when I was in college but now just to hear the prices is even shocking. But, such are the ways of a greed ridden nation! 🙂


    • Where the heck is Ralph Nader when you need him? Remember those days? When even fast food was forced to actually make their hamburger look like the one in their ads? He actually created a positive situation in this country in favor of consumers and consumer protection. This is all gone again…Time for another Nader movement!

      Two of my kids just finished an advanced medical course. They took it at the same time and the number of books they were required to have was incredible. They actually had to go take a joint loan out to finance everything required for the two of them. This is totally unrealistic.


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