12 comments on “Pedra Furada the Pierced Rock Site

  1. I am very much looking forward to this! I actually had started studying this when I first came here. I was trying to find a catalog of the paintings so that they can be compared with other regions, maybe even the old world…

    Apparently they are quite unique. From what I understand a lot of them were painted from boats above the waterline of an ancient lake. I tried to zero in on this area with Google to try and find the ancient shoreline. And of course I got sidetracked. lol

    So can’t wait to see what you found Roberto!


  2. OK, I was mistaken this is different site than the one I was talking about. This is cool! If my eyes are looking at it correctly, The far left painting has three sea creature silhouettes. Looks like two whales and maybe a manta ray? If they are, it appears they are painted in a perspective and shape that can only be recognized if you were right over the top of these creatures in the water. A sea shore view, perspective, and rendition would have been different.

    Even though this is quite a ways inland, someone went floating on the ocean to get the visual mental picture of these. Anyone else zoom in and see these too?


  3. The more I look at these, the more anatomically correct they look as Whales and a Manta Ray… I have personally been over the top of these creatures myself.

    The site I was thinking of was Pedra Pintata, but it has not been dated nearly as old as this site. Yet…


  4. I’ve always found this site strange. The rock reminds me of something one would see in Australia not South America.

    I’ll add a bigger pic of this at the end of the post above………


    • Yep, that’s Pedra Pintata. And from what I understand these may have been painted from a boat. Wait? Boat? They floated? Impossible…

      You are right, the Rock does look like something from Australia.

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      • A spiritual and symbolic reminder of their home, the “Old Country”, from which they came maybe? Would be super interesting to dig deeper into the symbols for any similarities.


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