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  1. I think this is absolutely fantastic Roberto. The great concepts and ideas you have shared here truly warrant more input and expansion. πŸ™‚

    And it is looking better and better by the day! Thank you!


  2. Roberto, I realize this and I much appreciate the kind words but… This was all you. I kept bumping into this guy on AO who had his stuff together and uttered the exact words I was thinking. I chased down his site and it got even better, he also liked to Rant like myself, but it was very rational, educational and on target ranting. πŸ™‚

    The content of these rants were not mainstream or conforming to any current ideology. Right away I asked “What is this guy doing hidden away in a dark corner of the web by himself?” This guy is great…more people need to read this stuff! He deserves more traffic to his content and ideology!

    You drew me here and I could not help but to jump in and discuss some of these concepts with you Roberto. They have been some of the best discussions I have had in years Roberto and it has been my absolute pleasure to participate here.

    So your knowledge, personality and your “willingness to reply back” and discuss these concepts were truly the main factors in all this. Thank you for allowing me to jump in and come along for the ride, and I am very much looking forward to even more. πŸ™‚

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  3. Can’t wait to meet and learn from Robert! Would I be off the mark if I was to think he also might be a fellow musician? πŸ™‚


  4. Roberto thank you for everything and especially for making my life easier lol. This blog has some really fantastic info and postings on it. How do I know? I’ve been lurking in the shadows for a long time lol. Now that we’re bringing this blog and SPI together I think some great things are going to happen and, besides, it will give us some streamline management of the two.

    JR, Roberto has told me much about you (all good) and YES I am a “fellow musician.” I’ve read some of your comments and insights and find them absolutely interesting. I look forward to some good conversations with you.

    Randolph thank you in advance for your contribution to SPI and for your contributions on this blog too.

    Hopefully, we will have people coming with us here and have some stimulating conversations. As for SPI it has kind of been in the background of things but we are hoping to bump it forward and this blog is going to help achieve that, hopefully.

    As for me by way of introduction I have degrees in anthropology, sociology/psychology, and transpersonal studies. If I get a bit to esoteric just give me a slap on the cheek lol. Primarily I do field research for SPI but they wanted to give me an “important sounding title” so they call me their “Program Coordinator.” Not sure what that means but I’m looking! With the upcoming summer I plan to be out in the field a lot and will share my research and site photos here with all of you providing my “boss” Peron approves lol.

    Anyway, I’m glad to be here and looking forward to the future.

    Rob L.


    • Welcome to the blog Rob!! Oh yeah, just wanted to thank you for sending me out into the field yesterday. It was wonderful—not. Smoke from the wildfire burning upstream made me spew and hack all afternoon and the wind……the wind was honestly the worst I’ve ever experienced. πŸ™‚


  5. My privilege to meet you Robert. Thank you for a shout out for Randolf, because he has indeed helped very substantially with participation here! And Barb did some great work with helping to inspire thought!

    After reading your words it looks like you are also “casual” as Roberto would say. This is what I enjoy about the environment here. Nothing ever gets accomplished if participants feel intimidated because it’s a “Black Tie” affair.

    When I read “transpersonal Studies” I said yep, Bet he is a Musician. Every accomplished Musician has a bit of understanding about this concept and the two seem to go hand in hand. πŸ™‚

    I am also very much looking forward to talking with you Robert. I am glad to hear there will be more coming. More the Merrier! I think this new direction is fantastic!

    Thank you all for the privilege!


    • Black ties suffocate me. I don’t even own one LOL. I actually do play keyboards a bit. We are all pretty casual and that’s a good thing.


      • Great! No Black Ties! I am a primarily a percussionist Rob. I now like to study ethnic and indigenous music from around the world, I have been playing since I was four. I made a living at it for awhile as a younger man but I had to get out of that lifestyle, I wasn’t going to live much longer. You know…The Wine, Women and Song culture. πŸ™‚

        I think I understand your field of psychology work a bit as both a musician and the lifestyle I once lived. I understand the reality of it and have been part of that source for quite awhile now. I always wondered if maybe someday academia might acknowledge that being a Hippy Musician was a credible field of expertise.

        You do realize that very accomplished Musicians always say “I do/can play a bit” right? Those who can “tap that source and ride it” tend to be humble because of their knowledge and understanding of it as a reality. πŸ™‚

        I can’t wait to explore your work Rob!


  6. Your welcome Rob, i’m glad you have a degree in psychology, i have had 4 psychologists, maybe you can analyze my comments and see if i am a victim or a product of our culture. i am also sending some arrow heads and a symmetrical gem of unknown origin, well a friend found it here in Montana, and an almost spherical stone. they are all boxed up…


  7. Randolf? You have four because you refused to take the meds the first one wrote. and the second, and the third…

    You might end up with five if you are waiting for any of these to actually “talk” to you.


  8. J.R. actually as i understand, it is psychiatrists that bully you into taking drugs, my psychologists didn’t, the 4th one was just a licensed therapist recommended to me by the 3rd one who had a PHD in psychology. he was very busy and couldn’t see me for a while and i needed therapy. there is no shame in trying to preserve one’s sanity, people seem to think that there is. also my ND is against drugs of any kind. my pain doctor for my bad back said this: “I don’t care what drug you are talking about, whether it is oxycodone, tramadol, gabapentin, even epidurals, THEY ARE TOXINS, they are not natural, they are not good for you, they treat symptoms. he was scheduling me an MRI and epidural and until i could get in, he was taking me off the oxy i had from a different doctor, and giving me tramadol and gabapentin. turn out the MRI showed i herniated another disc, bad. i have some articles about this very subject i would like to put up on your site, well links to the articles i should say, because many doctors say that some are payed to push them especially the National Cholesterol Education Panel. they all were very good at talking AND listening…


    • Please do post them Randolf! please let me know if there are any hang ups in doing so! I am glad to hear that they themselves are sane enough to realize that the Meds are a bad thing. I was joking with you of course Randolf. I got a kick out of your statement to Rob and just had to comment about the current drug pushers. lol


      • I have had a good friend for many years who has the same back problem and when the docs put him on the medications I saw him go down hill dramatically. He now can no longer do anything, not even ride his horses any longer. He doesn’t make sense sometimes when he talks and that is getting more and more noticeable. Sad to see but he has complete faith in his doc. I don’t!!! Also, I find it amazing that a few months ago the CDC had to advise docs to stop prescribing these drugs so much. The docs couldn’t figure it out on their own? They couldn’t accept their responsibility? It took the CDC to advise them to stop? Scary!! They truly ARE PRACTICING medicine today and we are the test rats!!


        • Yep it’s the “in” thing. We treat the symptoms instead of curing the cause Roberto. It’s a sad state of affairs.


  9. I have a tech curiosity? I am digging the ever changing banner! Those are some great images! I am curious if this is Karl doing this? I am curious if he is cropping those himself to fit? Or if the script is auto-sizing larger size images to fit the Banner field? or if he is actually finding proper sized Banners with these great images?

    If these are sourced as proper sized banners, I would love to please acquire that source? If you don’t mind of course.

    But I have to also comment on this particular image that is up now. Everytime I see this complex I have to remind myself that I am NOT looking at an extensive AIRPORT with multiple “helipads”, I can hear “Flight 2378 now boarding at pad six…pad six”. I remind myself because I have been told this is impossible. But everytime I see it I have to question what I have been told… πŸ™‚

    Thanks…the images are great!


    • He crops the images to fit I believe. Regarding the image of Teotihuacan I can see a sort of airport with several helipads too lol. I’ve also seen artistic interpretations showing the plaza filled with water.


      • The only difference I see from now a days is we would have “covered” tarmacs. This is a tarmac! And who is to say that at one time these were not also covered! lol

        I mean really… Was this like Mecca before Mohammad when everyone brought their own deity to place on each of these? The big one dedicated spiritually maybe, and maybe even at a different time… But not all those smaller ones. They are all placed for the most advantageous movement of a lot of people up the steps and into a craft. I can assume 12 gates on this picture alone. lol

        Thank you for that information Roberto! Because if these were already sized for banners I would bug Karl and you until I got the source. They really are great choices for images though. πŸ™‚ Thank you Karl…you have a great Eye man. πŸ™‚

        I will try to put together that image I promised tomorrow Roberto. My wife and I are catching up after almost two weeks. πŸ™‚

        I hope Barb doesn’t think I was getting “fresh” with my reply yesterday. My better half comes and reads this Blog too. πŸ™‚ But seriously, the questions “Why” and “Why Not” are super important and to be respected now days and I am absolutely elated to see her doing this.

        Just trying to loosen your ties and have a little fun as a “Real” human being around here. But if you think I am being a troll, just please give me heads up and I will go to just cheerleading and organizing pep rallies for you all and keep my antics and opinions to my self. πŸ™‚

        If I do something wrong please just tell me, I have asked for this in the past Roberto.


        • None of us can be serious all the time and in fact that would be pretty boring JR. We want this place to be fun not boring. As for Barb? Well you’ll have to ask her what she thought LOL. I’ve found she can pretty much hold her own ground. Actually she’s pretty cool as long as we don’t send her out on windy days. For some reason she reallyyy hates the wind.

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        • I can see how one could see it as a tarmac but for what? Now your idea isn’t as farfetched as some might think. For example, the little gold “bird” found in Peru turned out to be a glider when it was used as a model to built on a larger scale and the thing actually flew! I do think that these ancient people had some sort of flying craft. Surely, someone during the time looked up in the sky and watched the birds and dreamed of flying themselves?

          glidder 1

          And here are some others like the one above also found in Peru



  10. Good morning everyone πŸ™‚ Thank you for the acknowledgement and effort to catch up on my comments and replies. You really don’t owe me anything, but I would like to explain the source and mind set behind my rant above as a “Guest Passenger” offering support and participation here. πŸ™‚

    I completely understand that everyone here has a life and have very little extra time to spare. Although it may not seem like it because of how much I come participate, please keep in mind that this is also the same with myself.

    But since I do believe in and support that this canoe is headed upstream against the current in the right direction, I find time to not just come and stick my paddle in the water, But I am paddling as hard as I can to help push it forward even though I am just a guest passenger.

    I do this because I wholeheartedly believe in the cargo and wares this canoe happens to be loaded up with, which is History and bucking the official narrative of the establishment. I love history and just love to buck an establishment of any kind no matter the topic matter. : )

    I fully realize this is a personal choice and I have not been asked to do this, or should I even expect anything in return. But has anyone noticed where the hit counter was at when I first came here to engage in dialog and what it reads now? I have, and I see that this canoe loaded with the ever so important cargo of out of the box theories and antiestablishmentarianism is gaining speed upstream against this very strong current fighting it.

    I hope I am not the only one who realizes how important this cargo happens to be for yourselves, the San Pedro Institute, your own careers, and the reshaping of ideals in the official narrative itself. This canoe is now more than just a personal outlet for Peron’s Rants. It is now a calling card, a billboard, and the main marketing front for your theories, research, and the San Pedro Institute.

    Peron has been very proactive at the helm steering this canoe and pulling on his paddle as much as he can when he can. Randolf has been coming and dipping his paddle in and pulling on it quite often, And I have been paddling my rear off in efforts to help move your cargo upstream against the current even though I am actually just along for the ride.

    Well this canoe just got larger, heavier, and more passengers have jumped aboard, some who were in the whole time but never stuck their paddle in the water at all. So it is now indeed becoming “Something”, and in this a great tool for exposure and marketing of the San Pedro Institute and your work. So it is just as important to also paddle this canoe as your work is. It is a symbiotic relationship, each relies on the other for both to make headway against the current.

    This became even more important when it went from a personal blog to the marketing front for an organization. Now that there are more in the canoe, and the Cargo load has been increased, It is going to be even harder make headway against the current. Dialog is what truly draws traffic and readership for your billboard here.

    Just sticking your paddle in the water once in awhile and letting it just hang there by making posts doesn’t apply much productive effort towards pushing the canoe forward. What truly produces productive applied force is dialog in comments and replies. Dialog, any Dialog. It’s just the nature of the beast when one decides to create a marketing tool. It has to “flash” to get attention or it’s ignored.

    It becomes the responsibility of the billboard owners to make the billboard flash and draw attention to it and the cargo for sale. It’s up to you to put in as much as you would expect in return. But hey… It’s not mine…and I have no vested interest. But sometimes it feels like I am pulling on the paddle making the canoe go forward and making the billboard flash much more as a guest passenger than the owners of the canoe and cargo who have plotted this new course.

    And because I truly believe that this cargo load is very important and really needs to be delivered upriver to it’s destination, I will continue to pull on the paddle as a guest passenger with Peron at the helm pulling now and then. But the more paddles in the water, and the more pulling on those paddles, the more advantageous it will be for your own work and organization now that it has indeed become a marketing tool.

    Please forgive me if seems I might be taking more liberty than I have a right to with this statement and advice, but I really do think what you folks have here is very valuable and truly needs as much exposure as it can get, and my time is just as valuable as yours! πŸ™‚

    OK…Drama rant over…just adding two cents here…It’s in your hands…I’m just along for the ride and not going to mention it anymore. lol


    • Momma don’t let your sons grow up to be cowhippies…They will philosophize as they get off the horse, pull the wire tight and reset the staples to make sure it is functional…even if it is the neighbor’s fence. lol

      Sometimes both parties benefit from their efforts. πŸ™‚

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    • First off JR I like your analogy of the canoe πŸ™‚ Very good! Secondly, you are NOT just passenger along for the ride IMO. You have been a very important part of building this blog via participation and promotion and I/we value you and your work. You are also an editor on this blog so you are part of it and you are thus one of the navigators. Further, the idea you have presented over the past few months have been applied because they are excellent.

      So JR I want you to start giving yourself some credit my friend. YOU have been part of the team that has taken this blog and built it into something. And, most especially, it has been YOU who has pulled it out of the dark dusty backroom of the museum and thrown it into the light. And that even though some of the old relics didn’t want to see the light LOL.

      We value you greatly! And I do not say that lightly!! You ARE a part of the team!

      Now, before I launch into one of my favorite rants I’m going to move on because YOU more than anyone know well how I can rant and carry on forever LOL.

      In short, we appreciate you, value you and NO you are not a passenger in the canoe. You are a NAVIGATOR!! πŸ™‚


      PS: When are you going to start writing and posting here? As an editor you can do that πŸ™‚


      • I appreciate the kind words you all, And it is my privilege to come add fodder for thought. I really enjoy what you do with it! My reward is having the opportunity to read what you make of it after I share it! A link turns into a whole very interesting article that I enjoy reading! And there is always some additional knowledge tossed in at the same time. I have been learning a great deal of new facts from this, and always look forward to seeing what will be added to the next one!

        The cowhippy thing came from a moment of self-reflection as a young man. Having been raised on a ranch as a real working cowboy I acquired old-school cowboy values. Then as a teen we moved to the city and I fell into the Hippy Musician lifestyle but realized unlike most of my hippy peers, I still also took great pride in practicing my cowboy values, I realized I ended up being a Cowhippy. lol

        Now falling back onto those Cowboy values, Respecting the property of others is one of those values. I appreciate very much the open door you have offered here, But my values tell me that just because someone gave me a key to the door, doesn’t mean it is right to go poking around and making myself at home in someone else’s house. lol

        This is your house and out of respect for your property, I can’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable poking around in your backroom here even though you have given me the key to the door. I would be honored to post something here at some point, But I have started the recent project of building my own house and site that has been demanding most of the spare time I can get.

        Until I get caught up a bit with that challenging responsibility I am honored and privileged to just have the opportunity to come and support you folks every chance I get. I owe my own site some content posts, but would be honored if in the future I might come and repost some of those here after I get some published over there?

        Now I am curious where this reply is going to end up in the thread. I am attempting to attach it to Roberto’s nested reply but not getting the “Reply to Roberto” message. Curious if it ends up being redirected to the general comment field instead as it did in my last post here this morning.

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        • We like having you around JR πŸ™‚ I’m sure none of us would have a problem with you reposting some of your material here related to the subject matter on this blog. Or, maybe some stuff just for fun? Thanks for explaining the cowhippie thing. I was wondering about that too.


          • Thank you Barb. I think it would be proper for me to stay on related topics and matter in here. πŸ™‚

            My site is a free for all in topics, I can get all that out of my system over there. lol

            Something I do have a problem with though… I go load news in mine which is mostly political in nature. This puts me in a mindset that I do try to shake off before I engage here. So if I post something slightly off topic and political I do not intent to. It would be something still riding around in my thoughts from over there. πŸ™‚

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          • Yes we do JR πŸ™‚ BTW I have a question. Can the general public see the posts on our blog (forum area)? I’m just wondering because yesterday I reposted something from your site and gave the link to your story.

            BTW you can rant! We all can rant! After all part of the title of this site is “rants” so let’s RANT!!! LOL


            • Oh man Roberto, I forgot that I have it set for members only while I was working on it. Sorry about that! I should have told you this was the case. I guess I should go turn it on for public viewing at least.

              So you have to reshape your mind after being there too? lol I think that is why my anti-fed rants bleed over to here sometimes. I’m still mad about something I read over there. lol

              Sorry about that, I will go turn it on, it will take a few though, My connection is really giving me fits again this morning. I know what it is but they won’t come fix it. And it is in their lines not mine.

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              • Yes I’m still fuming over the guy in an article on your blog from yesterday who thinks things were only “out of Africa” and there were no migrations into Africa.That’s just more PC bullcrap! We already know there were several migrations BACK into Africa so why is this guy denying the facts? One answer, to put forth his agenda which is the OOA agenda which I don’t fully buy and never will.

                See…now you got me started on a rant! Shame on you JR….. πŸ™‚

                This is the one that has me in a stitch:



                • Oh yes, I figured you would like that one. lol I’m sure you have noticed that I try to also find articles pumping propaganda we don’t actually agree with. These need to be addressed, exposed and ousted for what they really are rather than ignored! lol

                  Now I need to ask you an important question. Do you think my political views over there might affect my presence here or yourself and this site? Once I turn it public the cat will be out of the bag. I would not like mine to harm this one through association πŸ™‚


          • I don’t think so but you need to perhaps ask others on your blog how they feel about it. We all have varying views on different subject matters that we are entitled to IMO.


            • No problem on my end… It is all about free speech on my end. I just didn’t want any political animosities to bleed over into here, Right now there is a whole lot of animosity about what free speech actually means and who has a right to express it. Apparently not everyone has this right and there is a double standard. lol


  11. Honestly, I like your analogy too JR but as Roberto says you are not simply one of the passengers but one of the navigators. So, sorry, you don’t get to slack lol πŸ™‚ We all appreciate your time and effort and I’m wondering too when you are going to write and post an article.


  12. You are valuable here JR and we appreciate your dedication and work. The canoe would be sinking if you weren’t navigating. Success comes when several people work as a team and that is what we have been doing here. I too would like to see you start writing and contributing posts so don’t be shy. Sorry to make this short but my other half is waiting for me to go to dinner and you know how that is lol. Just know we appreciate you and your dedication to our common cause here.



  13. Read and appreciated you all. I am beat from casing down old friends from the think tank. An they still rattle my wits sometimes :). Roberto can explain and share where I am coming from with that. πŸ™‚ I will give you all a duly respectful reply as soon as I get up in the morning. Thank you… But please…It is all up to you folks, but let me also share this… πŸ™‚

    The Ten Rules of the Canoe…

    Keep going! Even against the most relentless wind or retrograde tide, somehow a canoe moves forward. This mystery can only be explained by the fact that each pull forward is a real movement and not a delusion.

    Respect and trust cannot exist in anger. It has to be thrown overboard, so the sea can cleanse it. It has to be washed off the hands and cast into the air, so the stars can take care of it. We always look back at the shallows we pulled through, amazed at how powerful we thought those dangers were.

    The adaptable animal survives. If you get tired, ship your paddle and rest. If you get hungry, put in on the beach and eat a few oysters. If you can’t figure one way to make it, do something new. When the wind confronts you, sometimes you’re supposed to go the other way.

    Every story is important. The bow, the stern, the skipper, the power puller in the middle – everyone is part of the movement. The elder sits in her cedar at the front, singing her paddle song, praying for us all. The weary paddler resting is still ballast. And there is always that time when the crew needs some joke, some remark, some silence to keep going, and the least likely person provides.

    Nothing occurs in isolation. When we aren’t in the family of a canoe, we are not ready for whatever comes. The family can argue, mock, ignore each other at its worst, but that family will never let itself sink. A canoe that lets itself sink is certainly wiser never to leave the beach. When we know that we are not alone in our actions, we also know we are lifted up by everyone else.

    Always nourish yourself. The bitter person, thinking that sacrifice means self-destruction, shares mostly anger. A paddler who doesn’t eat at the feasts doesn’t have enough strength to paddle in the morning. Take that sandwich they throw at you at 2.00 A.M.! The gift of who you are only enters the world when you are strong enough to own it.

    Who we are, how we are, what we do, why we continue, flourish with tolerance. The canoe fellows who are grim go one way. The men and women who find the lightest flow may sometimes go slow, but when they arrive they can still sing. And they have gone all over the sea, into the air with the seagulls, under the curve of the wave with the dolphin and down to the whispering shells, under the continental shelf. Withdrawing the blame acknowledges how wonderful a part if it all every one of us really is.

    Although the start is exciting and the conclusion gratefully achieved, it is the long, steady process we remember. Being part of the journey requires great preparation; being done with a journey requires great awareness; being on the journey, we are much more than ourselves. We are part of the movement of life. We have a destination, and for once our will is pure, our goal is to go on.

    We can berate each other, try to force each other to understand, or we can allow each paddler to gain awareness through the ongoing journey. Nothing sustains us like that sense of potential that we can deal with things. Each paddler learns to deal with the person in front, the person behind, the water, the air, the energy; the blessing of the eagle.


    The Ten Rules of the Canoe were developed by the Quileute Canoe contingent for a Northwest Experimental Education Conference in 1990. SOURCE: David Neel, THE GREAT CANOES: Reviving a Northwest Coast Tradition, Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver, 1991:133-4. Graphic after EDWARD S. CURTIS IN THE LAND OF THE WAR CANOES: A Pioneer Cinematographer in the Pacific Northwest, by Bill Holm and George Irving Quimby, Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver 1980:56. [ VARIANT: Single page PDF; no Graphic]


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