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  1. Is this an assignment Rob? Did you want us to go find references? lol

    I saw you post this last minute so figured you may have forgot 🙂

    This is a great topic, and having a little knowledge about geology I think the EET theory is absolutely possible. But the plate tectonic theory is also very viable. I think it is possible that one is creating the other. We keep trying to find just one explanation for something like this when it may be a combination of factors. The earth expanding may in turn be causing the tectonic plate theory as a secondary reaction.

    The question would be how fast is it expanding? Did it expand very fast and then slow down? Could it fit the timeline of man? If we applied it to the timeline of man I think the expansion may have already been quite substantial before they started to migrate. even if it was during the previous Glacial period. From what we know so far we may be looking at a timeline of possibly 50Kya in this discussion of sea travel?

    Meaning that even if they were closer together, it probably wasn’t enough to make a whole lot of difference when talking about the migration of man across the seas. It would still have been quite a challenge and a very significant achievement whether it be 3,000 miles or 6,000 miles. And to estimate an increase in size of 50% in just the last 50,000 years might be a stretching it a bit. No pun intended. 🙂

    The idea that Gravity is decreasing is the most viable to myself and there may be some hints of this in oral tradition. I think Roberto and I have explored this idea before. There are many stories around the world that include the “tree of life”. I think it has basis in the Earth’s magnetic field influence on both the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis. We tend to forget this phenomena happens at both ends, on both the North and South poles.

    Now imagine the Earth’s magnetic field being even just 25% stronger. This phenomena would have been an absolute sight to behold around the world. It may have been seen almost all the way to the equator from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. And the fact that the magnetic field is shaped like a tree at both ends, these auroras would have also followed suit. If this is true, this sight every night must have been incredible and would have absolutely raise curiosities and spiritual reasoning in early cultures causing oral and written accounts.

    But all of these tree of life oral traditions warrant a topic thread of their own. 🙂

    Getting back on topic, I do think that water levels were lower. But not just because of less water in the oceans, but because of the possible idea that gravity was once much stronger. The moon has more pull and influence on the Earth than most would think. It actually pulls the Earth out of round as it orbits our planet. In fact this additional action might have helped cause the Earth Expansion if the theory is true. So now we have three physical actions in all this.

    For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. So the influence the moon has on our planet would have been greatly increased if the earth once had a stronger magnetic field. This pull may have been strong enough to make the earth so egg shaped that the land was literally being pulled up from the ocean bottom more than it was pulling on the mass of the water. But the moon pulls at water too right? It causes the tides with this action. but… If the earth’s gravity was much stronger it would have counteracted this pull and water would have been affected less by the moon than it is now. At some point the water still tries to find it’s own level.

    We really should factor in several influences rather than trying to look for one primary explanation. I think we might be limiting our own scope and perspective in all this. 🙂

    But to help with the EET here is a link to an animated model of how it might have happened:


    And this link I shared with Barb in her thread. It has a map of possible migration from Asia to the Americas showing two possible routes. It also shows the land masses, especially islands, if the water levels would have been just a bit lower, and looking t this map the southern route becomes very much more possible!:


    Please point out any wrong directions I might heading with these thoughts. lol

    Great curiosity and topic Rob! thank you!


  2. “I think it is possible that one is creating the other.” I think this is also very possible. If the planet expands then certainly the continents would drift or pull apart I would think. As for how fast it is expanding I think it fluctuates. It would be interesting to see if it fits the timeline of human migrations.

    I think there are several factors at play in this and no one cause. Whatever those influences were I do believe that the vast distances we see in the Pacific today between the Americas and Asia has not always been the case. I think many more islands and maybe even a continent or two dotted the Pacific and/or the Americas and Asia were closer together to begin with. The fact is we don’t really know where our present continents were for sure n the remote past. We theorize but those theories are not necessarily correct. In fact, the continents we see today may not even have existed in their present forms in the remote past. They could have been larger or smaller or totally unrecognizable from what we see today.

    When we think of migrations or voyages we tend to think of our world the way it is today but what we see today is not the way it’s always been. We need to change our perception and stop comparing everything to how we see things today. For all we know South America and Africa could have been one land mass for eons.

    Getting back to the EET, might it not be possible that in addition to expanding there are times when the planet shrinks? Is that the “norm.” We don’t really know.

    Ok you did good on the assignment LOL.


    • Thank you Rob. lol

      You know there is another factor in all this that limits and distorts our perspective when looking at the world and how far things are apart. And it is psychological in base. We all have the Mercator Projection implanted in our subconscious whether we like it or not. It has been our visual reference of the world for centuries now and has been shoved on us creating a false perspective and altered view of the world depicting the areas in the far North and far South as being very far apart.

      The 3D visual of a Globe is not what we see and this influences our perspective, even experts sometimes do not take this factor into account. And there can be some very erroneous perspectives come forward just because of this implanted Mercator Projection .

      Things are a lot closer than we perceive in the North and the South and this can make a huge difference in how we think about the distances on earth. We tend to forget that most land mass is in the Northern hemisphere and this can affect reasoning when it comes to distances because we are subconsciously seeing it in a Mercator view and the Mercator Projection greatly distorts the true distances visually.


    • How many of these does it take to earn a scholarship to the San Pedro Institute?

      Your joke about procuring a grant lead me to thinking… And…you are the “Project Coordinator”. lol


  3. We have many theories about where the continents used to be in prehistoric times, what they looked like, etc. but no one knows for certain. They say the continents are moving away from each other today. So are they telling us the planet is slowly expanding? Perhaps.

    The Navajo speak of a time in their oral traditions when north was south and south was north. That’s why they say the world today is upside down. So if this oral tradition is factual then where were the continents when Antarctica was the North Pole? It’s anyone’s guess, frankly.

    You also bring up an interesting idea about “lost continents.” In January 2017 they found one that they believed was in the Indian Ocean. It was once sandwiched between India and Madagascar. It now lays deep in the Indian Ocean. See the link below for the details:


    So what about the Pacific? I’m pretty sure there was one there too in our prehistoric past. Thus, sailing from the Americas to Asia would have been a “piece of cake” for our ancestors!

    This is what Randolph was saying not long ago and I completely agree with him. The world we see today is NOT the world our ancient human ancestors saw. In fact, what they saw may be completely different from what we see today.


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