6 comments on “Kostenki Man: New DNA Evidence for one of the first Europeans

  1. “meta-populaion,” that’s what we have today at least a little. there are people even today who prefer mixing it up with their own, without being prejudiced, bigoted or playing the race card whatsoever. of course we all know there are “those people” that do, and also those who do mix it up with different cultures/races because they are in love. so whatever environmental change bottle necked the Neanderthal population, probably bottle necked the populations of everybody else living in that region. that seems it would force an intermix just to survive.

    before i forget Roberto, e-mail me the address to San Pedro Institute and i’ll mail those fossils.


  2. What is more likely is that neighbours have sex with neighbours and genes spread that way rather than ‘migrations’ as this suggests mass movements of people. It could also be populations remain distinctive but share genes and languages and ideas which makes utter sense. The hunter gatherers did this and moved around over a wide area why not later things like farming etc?

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