6 comments on “Going to the Dentist 13,000 Years Ago!!

  1. Very cool find Roberto. Most don’t realize this, but just having a tooth problem could be the end of your life span back then and they knew it!. I think dental problems were the main reason for such short lifespans in early man.

    Even now you can die from an abscessed tooth in just days if the infection spreads to your brain. For these people just being able to chew or not meant life or death for them. Back to that very very slim profit margin in Calories and Protein again. 🙂

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  2. Can you imagine the “primitive dentist” digging at your teeth with a stone tool? OMG lol. And I thought our modern dentists were bad!!


    • Apparently you have been luckier than me at finding a good dentist! Several of mine so far felt like they were indeed using stone tools!

      There truly have been some real psychological issues induced from Sadism in the Dental Health Industry over the years. lol


      • Never thought about it but you could be right LOL. I need to study it and see if I can find a correlation between being a dentist and sadism. Wonder if I can get some research money for that? lol


        • Tell you what… A couple of them were no more than Cavemen knocking teeth out with a club and a shingle that said “Dentist” over their door! lol

          I should have said “luckier than me at finding a MODERN dentist” lol

          I have had a couple sadists for sure…

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