24 comments on “The West African Skull “Mystery”

  1. “In fact, the “norm” seems to have been that several species of ancient human ancestors coexisted at the same time for varying periods of time.”

    I think this is incredible and it makes a lot of sense considering the current number of differences. The all differences we see today could not have come from just one or two species along just one evolutionary timeline. Even though we try to categorize them into just a handful, in reality there are just too many differences to truthfully do this. How many people have someone else who looks exactly like them? By the numbers It is pretty rare. 🙂


    • Here’s another thought that has been tossed around……

      How many “species” are we really looking at AND how many “individual differences” are we really looking at?

      Is H. antecessor A just a H. erectus with individual characteristics? Now that should thin the tree LMAO.


      • That’s a fact! lol After posting that I got to thinking about the adages “He looks like his Dad” or “She looks like her Mom” and how these might fit into the picture? Or the other way around “He looks like his Mom” or “She looks like her Dad”.


  2. True that, i have the movie Quest for Fire. although back in the early 1980s it was science fiction, but now, not so much. the only thing is that who was who is inaccurate.

    the Elan, Rae Dawn Chong’s character were h. sapian, the 3 men sent by a woman to find fire were neanderthal and they did interbreed in the movie. also there were the rather large and very ugly cannibals, and there were the hairy bigfoot looking folk, but the movie called them neanderthal. you probably can identify them better than me. they too stole our fire and interbred with our women. considering the interbreeding there would have to be variations of all. i don’t know why people can’t grasp this. it defies logic.

    on a side note, i have a couple of peremineralized fossils. one is of a snail i found up in the little belt mountains in boy scouts camping. i looked down at the ground and thought cool a snail, but it is stone. also i found in a pile of rocks left in my yard when i bought the place the end of a limb bone of something it too is now is stone. i don’t know anyone who is interested in this sort of thing and after we are gone they will end up in the trash. i think they are effing cool and it depresses the crap out of me that i have to give them up. but i would rather they end up in someones collection or museum to be saved for posterity. any suggestions?


    • Wow… “Limb Bone” has me intrigued Randolf. Is it big enough to be Human? You could go and have it looked at but if it turns out to be human you would have to be concerned for it “disappearing” or the “expert” just telling you it has no significance at all just to debunk your find.. I’m sure Roberto can tell you how that happens to work out. 🙂


      • YES!! it could be human i could take a pic and send it to you. maybe leg, seems a little big for an arm but i am no expert. it is broken and only about 2 inches long, it is the end where a joint meets the cartilage.


          • Oh, no need to apologize at all Sir. 🙂 I just wanted to get the “direct link” to this chat to you all. I have found it to be an invaluable tool when collaborating and communicating quickly on something like this project! That direct link bypasses my site altogether so that anyone can use it without the hassle of going through my site first to get to it. 🙂

            It’s more comparable to a phone call rather than the normal blog Comment/Reply/Refreshing pages process. The great thing is that numerous users can all collaborate and converse at the same time as a group. 🙂

            Please feel free to take advantage of it anytime you like or need it! I have invited some of my old Friends to come join over there. You will find that these folks live their lives in a chat environment. They are addicted to and enjoy “Group therapy”. lol


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  4. Well this specimen from W. Africa definitely has an occipital bun which is also a characteristic found in Neanderthals. I think the projecting midface would also fit in with Neanderthals as would the receding forehead. Neanderthals are known to have a large gap behind the third molar and in the pics above I can’t detect any such gap.
    I see many features in this skull that resemble Neanderthals but I also see features that resemble Homo erectus and modern human Homo sapiens. I would think this individual was a hybrid with features from all three but what was he doing in Nigeria? That’s out of range for Neanderthals but not for Erectus so if this is a Neanderthal hybrid then that means the range of Neanderthals is wider than we suspect at the present..


  5. Whatever it is it has both modern and archaic features indicating a hybrid of some kind. I don’t think Neanderthals were in Nigeria as far as we know so I’m sticking with it being a H. erectus/modern human hybrid at this point.


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