9 comments on “Part 2: H. Erectus in the Americas: Luzia Woman of Brazil

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  2. “Then again, I think it highly likely H. erectus came to South America via Western Africa and crossed the Atlantic into Brazil which would have been easier than the other scenarios. ”

    This definitely deserves more digging. Very comprehensive Article Roberto! Now you have me going in two directions! 🙂


  3. The distance would have been shorter (assuming the continents were in the same place they are today) and they could have used the trade winds in the South Atlantic too. But, even in the Pacific they could have gone from Australia to New Zealand and stopped over at Easter Island and then on to South America. So either way is possible.


  4. I would lean more towards the second probability and use of the Circumpolar currents that circle the southern hemisphere, but what is important is that there were truly three viable options as you point out! I think if you referenced to a map of ocean currents it might point to the most probable possibilities in migration, But of course we are back to “If early man could float on water” issue again. 🙂


    • LOL pretty sure he could float on water as I see evidence he did and no evidence he did not. Too we must consider land masses and islands that have disappeared today. Was there a land mass between Brazil and Nigeria? Was there a chain of islands between New Zealand, Easter Island, and Chile? Fact is we aren’t certain or just plain don’t know for certain.


      • You are absolutely welcome, my pleasure. Thank You for the great article! You brought up and made a great point on my Blood type post over there. I replied but the thought of “things moving around” slipped my mind! lol


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