9 comments on “Part 1: H. Erectus in the Americas: The Pericues: Proof of Homo erectus in Baja?

  1. Great connections! This is a seriously super cool project you started here. The map will be very significant! I had read a little bit about these peoples but never made a serious connection like you did. I went and dug around a bit yesterday and found some more great connections in this…. Let me get caught up around here and I will try to get it to you, it might help add to your evidence here. 🙂


    • I have been trying to track down a good link for similarities in their rock art with Australian rock art. Apparently there might be a connection. Being mentioned is the supernatural entity “Rainbow Snake” they may have in common. Remember I shared the Dig out here in the East Mojave? The shell beads were from these same folks at the tip of Baja. I dropped a line to my friend to see if I can access the data and reports. He owes me one and I would like to get these and file them away because they found the remains of Elk. I am still being told by the experts that there were never Elk here. I will need this information again in the future I just know it… 🙂


  2. The point being that even though these folks were fairly isolated in culture and language, their trade goods still reached at least as far as Southern Nevada. 🙂

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    • Yes they did and, in fact, there is growing evidence that these ancient cultures had far more contact than we believed. The “isolation” concept is defunked, frankly.


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