4 comments on “Australia: The Bradshaw Boat

  1. That is definitely a Rudder!

    Could the Uros boats be built with a high bow out of tradition even though it may no longer be needed on a lake? “This is how my Grandfather did it”.

    This is thought provoking for sure Roberto!


  2. Sure looks like a rudder to me and a possible keel as well near mid-boat. Indigenous people are typically very tradition so, yes, this is the way grandfather did it so this is the way we do it (even though the ocean is long gone).

    I really think that an alternative avenue of populating the Americas was via he sea not just the infamous landbridge. The people of the South Pacific seem to have known the seas well and how to navigate them well and I’m sure this knowledge goes way back. The OOA theory is now debunked and next up is the Landbridge being the only means of crossing into the Americas 🙂


  3. Reminds me about a historical economical situation concerning currency I will share over at my Blog ASAP. But there is a whole lot of credibility and respect for anyone who could cross oceans and return safely. I will bet this was even true during this timeline. So I am sure effort was put forth and they were driven to do so every chance they got. 🙂

    Even back then it may have been important in social stature to “Keep up with the Joneses”.


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