13 comments on “Out of Africa DEBUNKED: They’ve Thrown in the White Flag!!

  1. Fantastic! About time! So once again the conspiracy theorists are right. lol

    Roberto? have you considered expanding the “Recent Comments” here to hold maybe 8-10 comments? Like our Friend here Randolf would say… “Just saying”. 🙂


      • Fantastic! yep…it is rendering as 10 ! Thought about this because I dropped in for just a second before going to bed last night and saw the comment from Jenny, then this morning it was gone from that list and then I couldn’t remember where it was! lol

        Thank you so much Roberto, It will greatly help when there are three people or more commenting on here!

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  2. great article once again. why did it take 30 years for this info to be released when it should have taken 30 minutes and gone viral? so now i may have Denisovan blood, not just Neanderthal. cool also i am English, Scottish, Irish, French, Polish, and Dutch. considering this new Densivan possibility with all of the northern European dna one should consider the possibility i may have some wild Viking oats as well. After all they were brutish rapers and pillagers. why all this hodge-podge of dna? simple , migration and the proverbial other piece of ass!

    also, i have a problem with some of the “artist” renderings of my people. the pic at the beginning of your post shows a disproportionately large nose. they are cartilage like the ears, so how would anyone know what they look like. also color of hair and shape of lips are all open to speculation. nobody knows how thick the facial tissue might be from individual to individual, or what shade their skin would be. if 10,000 years from now someone found a skeleton from present day human, how would they know if the ancient person from today was fit and trim or a 400-600 pound chain-smoker?

    I’m glad you “like” my comments, they are really not meant to be funny as they are just observations. i do try to put a spin on them only because what i see is very sad. way to many people pay for free dumb rather than practice freedom. AO just deleted a comment that is based on my observations and reality. yet at the same time some chemtrailer trash post some bullshit about how NASA has lied to us and the chemtrails are there to hide Nibiru from us and they have seen Nibiru on the horizon. those a-holes have been “predicting this crap since 2012, then 2013, then 14, 15, 16, and now we are in 2017 and i can’t see anything but the sun on the horizon. am i blind? as you folks know there are very real conspiracies, cover-ups, and problems facing pretty much everyone right now. do we really need some cigarette smoking 400 pounder, conjuring total bullshit from the bowels of their imagination, when in fact it is from their bowels. period. what the… just sayin’


    • “if 10,000 years from now someone found a skeleton from present day human, how would they know if the ancient person from today was fit and trim or a 400-600 pound chain-smoker?”

      Lol… Very good question Randolf. I have wondered about this myself. Roberto and I have in the past discussed how they can tell so much about early man when all they found was one small 2″x2″ fragment. From this comes a whole artist’s rendition of what they looked like? Skin tone and all? How do they even know for sure they had ten fingers and ten toes? 🙂

      Randolf, I hope you don’t mind but I would like to send you an invitation code to get into my site if you like, I already have an email address. I think the topic environment is right up your alley and I would be honored if you might find time to come over and jump in Sir. Wouldn’t bother you but don’t want to share the access code in public if you know what I mean. 🙂


      • J.R. go ahead and send it if you have an email. my regular one starts with allen, my spam collector starts with myfree. i can’t remember which one i used. i will check both and look for J.R. 🙂

        as far as the crisis we are definitely in, it is worse than i thought. last night i saw a documentary about ancient seed banks. many countries have them or are trying to make them. the Hopi have a seed bank as do the Navajo and others. i’m talking about seed that are the originals. there was a hippie even who was like some OC hoarder. instead of useless garbage he hoarded seed. well not hoarded but collected to use and preserve. he traveled all over the globe getting many, many food plant seeds. most we have never seen or heard of. Monsanto is a dictatorship that wants to get rid of it all. they have an experimental “farm” in Hawaii growing frankenfood and douching the abominations with chemicals right next to a public grade school and homes. children are being born afu, everybody else is sick. monsanto has decimated the natural food supply of the people that has sustained them since the beginning. they sued and lost but they are persevering in getting back to nature anyway.

        in the shock and awe campaign in Iraq, where bush/cheney bombed the hell out hussien and missed, they blew up Iraq’s ancient seed bank. lost for ever, dozens upon dozens of food plants. here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. we have declared a decades long chemical warfare on the dandelion, which was actually brought here by European settlers as a FOOD crop. if we lose the seed banks to the dick taters, there will be no tobacco to smoke and we will all weigh about 90 lbs. just before everybody starves to death. chemical companies, drug companies, and the 1%rs are the true axis of evil. imo.


        • Monsanto is indeed a dictatorship. They are trying to put in one of their poison farms where I live and people have been fighting it but to no avial (as expected). I also believe that a bill in Congress that would have required them to label their food as GMO was struck down (as expected) so now we will never know for sure just what we are eating.

          The 1%’ers are fully in control and it is the 99% who will pay the ultimate price, sadly. But more and more people are waking up and catching on to the game and IMO awareness is the first step to doing something about the problem.


          • Yep…Monsanto is a huge issue for myself too. I have been actively fighting them for years now. I have Grandchildren I care about very much. 🙂


        • Thank you Sir! sent one to the Achwllc address I have. Looking forward to talking with you over there when you get time!

          You are so right! there are some very devious practices going on with Monsanto. I now realize there is a much bigger agenda behind it all… 🙂

          OK …now I am done spamming your site Roberto. Thank you for letting me reach out to Randolf on here! 🙂


  3. Things in the dusty halls of we “bone people” move slowly. Sometimes veryyyyy slowly lol. But eventually we dust off the old fossil and put it in the light for all to see.

    Regarding the Denisovans we still don’t know a lot about them but research is ongoing. It is possible what we are calling “Denisovan” may be H. erectus or some variation thereof. Or it may be an entirely unknown species of ancient human ancestor (AHA). Fact is we don’t know…yet.

    Over time DNA becomes diluted and I think some of us have more DNA from one species of AHA than others. Same principle with our ethnic heritage. We may have had a great great etc grandparent that was Mongolian even though we are German, French, etc. but over time that Mongolian DNA gets diluted from all the “ethnic interbreeding.” You’re correct, in that, all this mixed DNA in us is the result of interbreeding and migration.

    Regarding the artistic renderings of AHA the FACT is we DON’T really know what our AHA looked like exactly as the soft tissue is missing. So it’s a matter of opinion or personal perception when it comes to re-creating the soft tissues. Years ago they rendered almost all of our AHA as ape-like in appearance but those artists didn’t really know if they were ape-like or not and we still don’t, frankly. So what it comes down to is a matter of perception and conception. I, for example, believe the majority of our AHA were human-like, meaning likely not as hairy as we might think and likely not as ape-like as we might think. I think they came in all colors and forms with some being lean and others being robust, some short and others tall, some with red hair and some with blonde or gray. I think our AHA were as individually varied as are we today. I can take a modern human skull today and using clay fashion the soft tissue any way I like and make it look modern or ape-like or somewhere inbetween. Fact is without the soft tissue we don’t know what these ancient looked like.

    Regarding your comments I like the spin you put on them Randolph and some of them make me laugh although I take them seriously because you speak of serious subjects. Our world is in a mess. Man is in crisis. We have some serious problems in society today that we are ignoring hoping they will just go away but they are not and they aren’t going to until we do something about them. In fact, the more we ignore them, the worse they get. It can all become very depressing at times so a little laugh helps and inspires us I think.

    If you are blind so I must be as I don’t see Nibiru on the horizon either. I remember back in High School a teacher telling our class that scientists had discovered something at the edge of the solar system that was really bright and round like a huge planet coming our way and how it would be near Earth in about 20 years. Well that’s been more than 20 years ago and I’m still waiting! It was all just a crock!! I’m still waiting for a few other things too such as the “end of the world.” IMO if such a thing ever transpires it will be by our own human hands and foolishness not by some Divine force.

    AO seems to be famous lately for removing comments that don’t fit the current thinking there. I’m seeing more and more “esoteric” articles and less and less science articles. Frankly, I seldom go there any longer as they have so many ads that it is impossible to read their content even though I have my pop-up blocker on! I’m not paying for their premium content as I’m not impressed with their regular non-paying format.


    • Same here regarding Randolf’s comments. I too realize they are about serious cultural issues, but his terminology makes these strike as humorous situations just because the true irrationality is just so hard to believe.

      It’s kind of like one of the firefighters asking my wife and I what we thought was funny as our third house in two years was consuming, once again, everything we owned. At that point all we could do was try and find some humor in the unbelievable irony of our luck so far as newlyweds.

      I really think Randolf would enjoy the political/cultural environment over at my site.


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