3 comments on “Whales in the Desert

  1. Here’s another case where trying to find one explanation for an event may be holding up the program. It could have been due to several simultaneous factors that happened at one time. Lower land levels and Higher sea levels along with a congregation during mating season and then being caught in a tsunami?

    I believe that if they were all buried at the same level it happened in the same event. The earth flipping over? causing world wide instant tidal waves onto higher elevations? I am starting to see global mass tidal waves as a real possibility around this timeline. Things are starting to point at a possible event that caused some mountains to be quickly and extremely eroded in a very short time span, like in just a few hours.


  2. I agree it was likely a combination of factors. Don’t know if you’ve ever read anything by New Zealand archaeologist Jonathan Gray but he believes earth changes and cataclysms have happened very rapidly in the past. For instance he says the Grand Canyon was formed in months not centuries. He has authored many books and postulated that there was a global cataclysm resulting from a huge rip in the earth’s crust that began in the area of Indonesia thousands of years ago. Interestingly, scientists recently found what may be the “smoking gun.”

    Here’s an article from Columbia University about the find:



  3. Wow, You are right…this is a significant find and helps support your theory that the plates may have moved faster than thought in the past.

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