8 comments on “An Alternative View: Evolution vs Creation

  1. I think in this it may be important to understand the very probable origin and credibility of the reference material and “written account”. Time to send you that information I collected many years back. I finally found it in my notes yesterday. 🙂

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  2. Sent.. 🙂 Like I mentioned, please excuse some of the links if they don’t work. I am going to redo that and add excerpts from the articles into a better post for my site in the future. I will try to share with Randolf so that he is in the loop about what we are discussing in this. 🙂


  3. great read, i liked it. as far as the biblical account of Job talking to the whirlwind/God, it is a biblical fact that the devil is the father of all lies. so the whirlwind couldn’t have been God. no way, no how. it is a “dust devil” for sure and that is no urban legend, it is prairie fact! i have seen these dust devils myself and i can’t understand anything they say. i think Job needs to get a real job.

    as far as the “global flood,” in order to wipe everybody out that doesn’t have a boat, it would have to cover the mountains. so how could it drain from the mountains back to the oceans? there would be no place to go because 8th grade science and my bubble level prove water is self leveling. did somebody pull a drain plug so it could flow into hollow earth? there are youtube vids that show these giant drains in the ocean, like one in a giants bathtub. if these giants could tread water or hang out on mountain slopes near the top, they might survive. so there would have to be many floods in many places to tire out these giants and drown ’em all!

    i remember reading an article at AO about genetic Adam didn’t even know genetic Eve therefore supporting the likelihood of interbreeding, crossbreeding, backbreeding…people in animal husbandry call this interbreeding “hybrid vigor.”

    as far as atavism, we all suffer this body hair and facial hair growth to varying degrees. all people, men and women have this trait. some have more, some less. what i find disgusting is the fact that the cosmetics and porn industries dictate that we should remove all of it with the full body wax so we look like a genetic throw back to prepubescence so we look like a bunch of giant babies! quite frankly the look of the ADULT, sexually MATURE female is a turn on, but not these giant babies. is it any wonder that there is so much ED that requires pharmaceutical intervention? we are hardwired that way and pedophilia is illegal and abhorrent and i will not ask to see someone drivers license to see if they are giant baby or not. if you are curious and would like to see a real life “throwback” google harlequin happenings phoenix floe tumblr. her boyfriend loves the shit out of her.(metaphorically speaking) also there are pay sites as well that men frequent, like hippie goddess and atk natural, both nude. but non-nude pay sites are successful too like girls with hairy legs and women with hairy arms. no giant babies there. diversity is what make life interesting, monoculturalization is boring, just sayin’.


  4. I see plenty dust devils where I live Randolph and I agree Job needs to get a Job LOL! You are referring to the “waters of the deep” and one theory is that every so often those waters open up in the form of giant water jets that blast out of the earth. Actually it is more than a theory because we find evidence of just that all over in the planet’s geology. One of those sites is near where I live and the next time I get out there I’ll take a pic of the remains and post it here.

    The cosmetic industry is nothing but a farce. The unspoken message is “you’re not good enough, hate yourself, use our product, and like magic you’ll be what you are supposed to be”…..an adult infant! The cosmetic industry employees psychologists to find way to get to us and our self esteem/perception. So far they’ve done a fantastic job! What they don’t tell us is that many of their products such as hair dye with constant use have been linked to breast cancer and other diseases.

    They started their assault out aiming at women but now they are also aiming and men and boys. We have a lot of males shaving their legs, underarms, chest hair, facial hair, etc because they’ve been brainwashed into thinking body hair is “shameful” and “unnatural.” UNNATURAL? LOL that takes the cake!!

    Hybrid vigor is why most of us are hear today, frankly. Several years ago I read an article called “The Mutt People” that describes most of us perfectly. That is exactly what we all are. There are no pure breds left.

    Great comment and you’ve got a wonderful sense of humor 🙂


  5. I am a Christian, I truly believe in God, but I am not a Creationist fanatic, actually I’been studying the facts on both sides for a while with an open mind, because I really want to understand our oirigins and not just blindly believe anything, because we could be just misunderstading the meaning of many thins said in the Bible.
    According to the Bible, in Adam and Eve’s lifetime which by the way was extremely long they procreated numerous children and so on for many generatios, so it is supposed that when Cain left his homeland, there where many other descendants of Adam and Eve in relatively distant areas where they lived as nomdas, or even in small Cities. I am no t saying that is correct, or that numbers should match, but that is the explanation I found.
    I also think, that both, millions of years and just 6 000 or 10 000 years is wrong, and whatever they say there is no real hard evidence on either side. Since I understand evolution as the inner capacity to change to adapt to new places and ages and climates, etc, if a had to pick the first man, that would be homo erectus, after all, they are no soooo diferent from us, and maybe we evolved from there in diferent degrees in diferent times and places, and even cohexisted with many of our brothers, that of course is just the opinion of a newby in the subject, and I have no problem with being wrong and learn.


    • We are all student and teachers. No one know with absolute certainty what transpired so any theory is possible new or old. I DO believe, however, there is something different about humans that sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. I fully agree with you that Homo erectus was most likely the first human and, yes, they were not so different from us today. Very good points Jenny 🙂


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