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  1. Raises a whole lot of questions about current perceptions doesn’t it? I think your Melting Pot theory has huge merit! There are early Petroglyphs and Pictographs of watercraft in South America that have been ignored. Another great article Sir!


  2. Thanks JR. Regarding the Olmec being called the “Rubber People” yes the popular theory is that they were the first to make rubber for the ball game balls but I’m thinking outside the box here 🙂 I’m wondering if they were able to contort their bodes as in Yoga or some other art which the people at that time in that area never seen before. Sometimes it is hard being a rebel………… :O


    • Lol… Honest to God… I was first thinking of Yoga too! I actually went and looked around at that first to see if I could make a connection! lol

      Could you do me a favor when you get a chance? I tried to post just a link to a reference on the Macaw thread and I am not sure it posted right. Going back to reload and see if it renders correctly now?


  3. It is going to the right place but should have rendered as just a link. My fault, I should have known it was going to get confused and not embed the Image correctly or render the link as it should. Think I did that here once before.

    But the Hopi have interpreted one of these Mesa Verde Petroglyphs as being a reference to the “Parrot” (Macaw?) Clan. This would add even more support reference to your article here. 🙂

    Let me go back and see if I can grab a proper formatted link to replace that with.

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  4. i have noticed the same thing as you as far as facial features. it doesn’t matter what color their skin is or where they are from. brow ridges, chiseled jaw line, high cheek bones, almond shaped eyes, round faces… it is certainly a melting pot. as far as migration goes, as soon as we climbed out of the trees and stopped flinging feces at each other we saw a whole world that needed to be explored. i feel that the harnessing of fire was one of our greatest tools, that without it today we would freeze to death, eat only raw food, and we wouldn’t be able to drive to work without it. or put someone in outer space. legend, folklore and the more modern campfire story would not exist without it. in fact the most popular movie franchise would never have existed if it wasn’t for (camp) fire. Mary Shelley and a bunch of her friends were sitting around on a stormy night in front of a fire, telling ghost stories trying to scare the crap out of each other. they all entered into a pact to get back together and all tell a real humdinger of a ghost story to see who’s was the best. only Mary held true to the pact. she wrote Frankenstein. she was an accomplished writer and so were her friends.

    i watched a show on Nova about some folks who have way more money and time than i. they built a replica of an ancient Egyptian sailing vessel. all they had to go by was remnants of one in a museum, and some very tattered plans. it had a single mast and sail. the guy they hired to pilot the vessel called it a pig as he was there as they built it. it was made of hand hewn timber that were steamed and bent, joined together with tongue and grooved joints. they put the “pig” in the water and purposely sank it so the wood would soak up the water a swell the joints to seal them. that makes sense to me as a cabinetmaker i used water to swell dents out of wood. an iron and wet rag (steam) works better and faster. also when i glued wood together i would use a wet rag to wipe off glue squish and that would cause the wood to swell and make the joint less visible.

    however that didn’t work so well for the vessel, as it sank, to much”gaposis” as we say in the trade. so they talked to some shipbuilders and then used beeswax for the small gaps and linen with beeswax for the bigger gaps. they put in the water for the maiden voyage. it tipped back and forth like it may capsize, as soon as they unfurled the sail it settled down and started to move slowly. then a wave came behind the boat and it gained a bunch of speed surfing on the wave. it settled down in the trough and then caught another wave and gained more speed. it was like art in motion. after the maiden voyage the pilot changed his tune, it was no pig at all. he said he would race that boat anywhere in the world, he was amazed at the power it generated. in other words he got an education from ancient mariners.

    Hawaiians and Polynesians are readopting the “old ways” and are now sailing all over the Pacific without fancy electronics and gps, in fact some girl got lost in Death Valley just recently using modern crap made in China for 5 bucks. our ancient ancestor were way smarter than the smartest people in the world today. take the Cern super collider in Switzerland. billions wasted to crash protons together to create a few Higgs Bozon particles that have a life span of about 3 gazillionths of a nanosecond. it takes huge sensors to even sense these tiny particles in that short of time. what waste, it can’t help someone in the middle of the Pacific ocean or Death Valley, it doesn’t grow food, or build a home. it can’t even reheat a cup of coffee. it does feed someone’s ego though. billions wasted to discover almost nothing. just sayin’

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    • Same thing happened when they reproduced a Viking Long Ship. There is a hydro fluid dynamic suction effect that they battled when they first created seaplanes and water floats for planes. A smooth surface would not allow the water surface tension to “Let go” of the plane body or float so that it could lift off the water. They found that if they designed a ridge along the front of the body or float it would draw in air between the hull and the water to eliminate this “Drag” issue and release it from this suction.

      So when they first built this Viking long Ship they were worried about the shape creating this very same drag effect to slow it down and make it very inefficient. But…what they found was the opposite. What they found was that the overlapping plank construction naturally created these ridges needed to pull in air from above the waterline to help release this drag on the Hull below the waterline. The Ship ended up being twice as fast as they thought it would be!


  5. Thank you and welcome Jenny!! 🙂 Feel free to browse around and make yourself at home. We are pretty casual here. Feel free to comment if you like as we enjoy good discussions.


  6. Yes please do!… Welcome Jenny, and please jump in anytime you like. We are fully open for discussion or debate concerning our “interesting perspectives” around here… lol

    And thank you Roberto for having such an open discussion format here!


    • More evidence of what we’ve been saying here for a long while now. Ancient humans WERE sailors! At least some of them were and some came to the Americas not by the precious little land bridge but by the SEA! Great link JR 🙂


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