9 comments on “Mungo Man: The Enigma Found in Australia!!

  1. Looks like he just laid down for the night and passed away in his sleep. His height makes me wonder about possible connections with the fuegians.


    • Indeed it does JR. As for the Fuegians they tended to be taller than the average European which is interesting because this guy is also taller than the average European. There is a theory that The Fuegians may have come from Australia/Melanesia and colonized South America prior to the arrival of the Paleo-Americans. Some of the possible evidence for this comes from the Tehuelches and Selk’nams who created rock art and painted their bodies like Australian Aboriginal people.


  2. “Some of the possible evidence for this comes from the Tehuelches and Selk‚Äônams who created rock art and painted their bodies like Australian Aboriginal people.”

    Yep…I tried to discuss this with Clyde over at AO but it met huge opposition from both Clyde and the Community “Experts”. lol

    There are definitely some unique connections though.


  3. Here’s something interesting I ran across last week during our discussion about migrations and the Australian area Roberto. Something weird is going on with these “controversial” sites like this. None of them have been updated in several years I noticed. ūüôā



    • Thank you for the link. NZ is often ignored sadly. Dr Barry Fell in his book “America BC” also asserted that the Phoenicians and others had visited and even colonized parts of the Americas. He was attacked by academia for his findings but he didn’t give up. Academia is not always right! In fact, sometimes all their sitting in their ivory towers blinds them. Like I say, “true science follows the evidence WHEREVER it leads.” And, indeed, it does…………….


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  5. Australia was first entered some 70 kya ago (oldest find dated to 63 kya). Very advanced industry! So not a likely source for the South American industry which was shoddy in comparison. Nevertheless the ancient genetic signal found in the Amazone is Austronesian! They’re family alright … And so far no trace has been found of their itinerary in North America. And that’s mighty puzzling! Crossing the Pacific without drying out was mastered in ancient times, but this is attested only some 4 kya ago with the Polynesian exploits.
    There are aboriginal traditions that may mention South America, but that is not easy to evaluate … To me it feels like there’s a connection, but how ancient there’s no way to know. The Polynesians certainly knew about the continent, and this rubbishes the trail.

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  6. PS It’s easy to imagine a migration along the kelp-route from Sundaland when Beringia blocked the cold currents. But for their down-under cousins to remember that in their songs is more difficult to conceive.


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