2 comments on “The Human Skull and Bipedalism

  1. I’m in total agreement with you. It is just plain simple mechanical physics. The more prevalent a species is to sit up and look around the farther forward it will be located. Some might be located father forward even though they are quadrupeds, but they will also have a much longer neck to achieve the needed angles and balance compensation. If the Human foramen magnum was located farther to the rear as an upright walker we would have to have a “hump” of muscle on the back of our necks to hold it up! lol

    Man…nothing like trying to create an hypothesis and debate out of already known physics. This should have never passed the first observation stage of the Scientific method. It’s a no brainer, Anyone who has ever tried to balance a basketball on their finger could have explained these physics. Wasted time, effort and funding again.

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