9 comments on “European Skulls and Prehistoric Americans

  1. I’m sure you saw this, but Nala had recently given birth to a possible Hybrid. 🙂


    I am still stuck on that map of Indigenous Blood Type O. It really really appears that it originated in South America and spread out from there. I am wondering how else there could be an almost 100% rate in all of South America and Central America and lesser percentages elsewhere except a band pocket across Canada and northern US states. South America just had to be the first origin…


  2. nala

    Yes and thank you for the link. You may be absolutely correct about the type O blood. Some research shows South American cultures dating back to 100 kya and some researchers believe these people came from Africa or Melanesia. In the reconstructions above many researchers have noted that they look African while others believe them to be Oriental. Nala was a Paleoindian as was the one of the right. Obviously they did not look like modern Native Americans and neither did Kennewick Man IMO. It may very well be that those who entered into South America did so long before the Paleoindian groups that crossed the landbridge between Siberia and Alaska.


  3. Thank you for dropping in over there Roberto! It was very helpful to that the public can comment if they like as it is set. But it really helped show me that I had additional settings to adjust. The comments will now post right away for you and now others can reply to your comment.

    That is pretty interesting though isn’t it? If a blood type becomes diluted you would think it would be from the origin out, not how the facts present this type O situation as it is. I left you reply over there but I will share the observation here. Notice how the only other place in the world besides the Americas has an 80-90% level? Australia, so somehow Australia is connected directly with the region of the 80-90% & 100% in the Americas.

    I really do not think this is by coincidence!

    Seriously…Thank You!


  4. Know what? I am going to find some time to load that blood type map into my photo editor and start drawing lines without prejudice and see what plausible connections can be made! 🙂


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