5 comments on “Neanderthal-Modern Human Hybrids

  1. Wait? are implying that one species may not have “eaten” the other? lol So many things are pointing to what you are sharing here as a reality. 🙂

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  2. wow, you are really politically incorrect, like you said. your opinion and post will ruffle somebodies feathers in the creationist theory community and the white supremacist community. being born at least as politically incorrect, and probably a lot more sarcastic, i’m going to try to respond in a much more politically CORRECT way. There seems to be some unwritten rule in our society that we must be whiny politically correct delicate snow flakes. So, I am not “white”, nor are any of my kin from the Caucasian mountains. i am a Neanderthal European American. and i am proud of that. so all job apps must change to reflect that. since my Neanderthal ancestors were assimilated by the more modern H. Sapiens from Africa, much like the Borg do on Star Trek, (resistance is futile) i feel i am do some reparation and remuneration from Africa. Since some of my Neanderthal ancestors did go extinct, my people should be put on the endangered species list and i need the federal govt. to give me some funding to save my kind.

    As we all know by the latest hit tv drama, CSA Transylvania, with it’s story lines ripped from today’s headlines, DNA does not lie. Because of your post , plus the scientific facts backing you up, the whole evolutionary tree has been turned upside down. Since my Neanderthal ancestors are an eentsie less modern than the H. Sapiens from Africa, that means that my people are an eentsie more closely related to chimps, and the whole “white supremacy” thaang is a total sham, and for centuries those white trash have lied to me and i am their kin. Because of the lies i have suffered emotional and psychological damage. where’s the govt.? where are my entitlements?

    Like you said, this interbreeding has been going on for 40 thoouusand years, maybe more, with everybody around the globe, yet the white supremacy folks have their panties all bunched up, as well as full blown emotional kerfuffle going on about it all. that has been going on way to long. take a pill. i take it as a compliment that somebody else finds our females attractive. after all a healthy fit female is attractive, that’s genetically hardwired into all of us. we may not be looking for, but from time to time we have looked at the proverbial “other piece of ass.” 😉

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  3. LOL you crack me up 🙂 You should have requested your entitlements while Obama was still around as Trump is not one to give out such things. Sooo guess you’ll have to wait until the next election and see who gets in and take it from there. Great comment and funny as hell!!


  4. Randolf… I am putting my Political Community Website back together. You would be a very welcome guest if you would honor us! Your political sense of humor is great! lol


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