10 comments on “Ancient Techniques: How to tan a hide

  1. I love this stuff. I own a domain that was once dedicated to almost lost old world skills. There are a lot of ways to process skins and hides but this is one of the most common. Can you imagine that one method consisted of having the women chew on hides to make them soft? Talk about labor intensive! lol


      • Lol… While the men were out doing the hard work of hunting, fishing and playing warrior games. Looks like not much has changed. lol

        I wonder why there was no mention of stone scrapers in that linked article? I think they should have had to knap a simple stone scraper to do these hides. The buffalo bone scraper is “Advanced” technology. lol


  2. album graecum aka dog, hyena dung that has turned white was used to tan hides. i don’t know how they used it and i don’t want to know. it was also mixed with honey and used medicinally to treat sore throats and open wounds, and i wish i didn’t know that!!!

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  3. Didn’t know where else to throw this but I found this pretty significant and ran across it while posting news over at my site. I have an RSS feed aggregator that pulls feeds from lots of sites. I added Science daily quite awhile back because Roberto was finding so much good stuff there.

    I know you alll check it also, but just in case you might have missed it, I am getting ALL of these feeds and thought you might like this particular one in case you missed it. Great opportunity to show some early intelligence in man. πŸ™‚



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