One comment on “Some Alternatives to our Present Earth

  1. Couple of interesting observations about this. Notice that the Equator in this scenario still runs very near the supposed African origins of man. This would mean that this area remained stable while others might have changed. And if you applied Continental Drift, Greenland may have been farther South closer to the Equator, And Antarctica would have been farther North closer, if not right under the Equatorial line at 0 degrees latitude if you backup the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in timeline.

    But the idea that Australia would have been in the Northern Hemisphere and South America may have been at the south Pole is pretty intriguing. Maybe an Icecap wiped out any evidence of earlier cultures in South America? This needs more work and research to get closer to what may have been, but the Hapgood concept and theory is very interesting with possibilities! Thank you Roberto, But Hapgood deserves the real credit. 🙂

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