6 comments on “Palm Trees and Crocs in the ARCTIC!!

  1. So this sent me experimenting. Taking plate Tectonics into account, and adding the possibility of previous physical locations for the North and South Poles, I came up with something very interesting.

    From what I have read they are predicting that the Magnetic North Pole will eventually end up somewhere over the Polynesian Islands someday because that is the path it seems to be taking. And this may be a cycle that has repeated it’s self many times in the past…so looking back…

    Now if we assume that the Earth might actually physically follow the Magnetic Pole and change it’s Axis to match these new locations there would be something very interesting in where the past Equatorial line would have run.

    I got on Google Earth and spun the Globe to match this possibility then drew a new line where the new 0 degree Equatorial latitude would circle the Globe. What I found is that in some places around the Globe not much would be changed because it didn’t move that far away from where it is now.

    But…In other locations the change was very significant and unexpected! It runs Directly over New York, Australia is relocated to the northern hemisphere, and taking plate tectonics into account it looks like it would have run right across Greenland and very Close to Svalbard.

    It would have made a line between Spain and France across the Mediterranean Sea and directly through the Sahara in North Africa. Then continue to run right in between New Zealand and Antarctica. With plate tectonics added into the mix, it looks like it could have actually ran directly through Antarctica!

    I will try to put together some screen shots of this and get them to you. I think you will be very intrigued!

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  2. If you could get me some screen shots so I can post them here that would be fantastic JR. I think you are on to something and your new Equator line is exactly where these prehistoric tropical forests are being found or have been found.

    Regarding plate tectonics. I think that the theory that the actual physical poles follow the change in location of the magnetic pole is part of the theory developed by American College professor Dr. Charles Hapgood who developed the theory that the continents “slip” at times often with catastrophic results. It’s called the “Pole Shift Hypothesis” actually first presented by Charles de Bourbourg in 1872. Bourbourg was an expert on the codices of Mexico who interpreted some of the Aztec/Mayan “myths” as evidence for 4 periods of global cataclysm that began around 10,500 BCE. In 1948 an engineer named Hugh Brown advanced the theory of catastrophic Pole Shift claiming that accumulation of great amounts of ice at the poles cause the planet’s axis to periodically tip about every 7000 years.

    Others also picked up the theory and Hapgood is perhaps the best known today. He authored several books but his first was published in 1958 entitled “The Earth’s Shifting Crust” which included a forward written by none other than Albert Einstein.

    This theory may not be so far fetched as some might think. In 2004 there was a huge quake in Indonesia on 26 December between 9.3 and 9.1 magnitude. It was deemed a megathrust earthquake and it also caused tsunamis that were devastating. It had the longest duration ever observed lasting between 8 and 10 minutes. In fact, this quake caused the ENTIRE PLANET to vibrate as much as 1 cm (0.4 inches) and triggered other quakes as far away as Alaska which, in my mind, is absolutely mind-boggling. Today we call this the “Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake.”

    I recall that not long after some scientists were saying on the news that this quake slightly moved tilted the planet’s axis. So if you have a quake even more powerful or a series of several such powerful quakes then what happens?

    Again if you can get some screen shots to me that would be fantastic. :Very interesting I think JR 🙂


    • This quake actually displaced the North Pole by 2.5 cm and slightly changed to the shape of the planet meaning it decreased Earth’s oblateness by about 1 part in 10 billion which consequently increased the planet’s rotation a little, apparently.


  3. You bet! I am working on that now… Wow, I had forgotten about that Quake and what happened because of it! Yep…read Hapgood years ago but everyone has made huge efforts to debunk his theories. I think they need to be seriously looked at again!

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