5 comments on “Palm Trees in Antarctica! Say what?

  1. “Maybe the continent was located closer to the equator at that time 52 mya.” Yep…I think there is huge merit in this. But there are other possibilities with this also.

    Antarctica was once connected to South America, this would have blocked the Circumpolar Current. I have been looking for a model of what this may have done to the World Climate.

    Another very probable reality might be that the physical poles and axis may have been located somewhere other than where they are now. This might explain the Sahara situation too.


    • We know the poles have not always been where they are today and we know Antarctica was indeed once connected to what is now S. America. And yes that connection would interrupt the ocean currents to some degree which would have had an effect on global climate. As you say, the planet’s axis has changed over time too and this is definitely yet another possibility and explanation.


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