4 comments on “Millet: An Ancient Human Ancestor Food Stable

  1. Great article! I always wondered about Millet and why we don’t grow more of it here. I now wonder if it does well at high altitudes.

    “The seeds also showed evidence of getting bigger over time”…Hybridization? Like Maize and Tubers in South America?

    The Mongolian “Johnny Millet Seed” concept is great! Common sense creativity at work there for sure!


    • I can’t help but think this is how the Mongol hordes under Genghis Khan were feeding themselves JR. Basically, millet is instant food and an army requires a lot of food especially when far from home. I’m going to have to do some more research about this in relation to the Mongols.


  2. I have done a bit on the Mongols, Apparently Genghis Khan had a “Support Caravan” of livestock and laborers that was much larger than one would think, and these folks had to eat too.

    I read one time that one of the reasons they were so successful in battle was a unique part of their Armor. They wore Silk Shirts under their Rawhide Armor, So if an Arrow penetrated the Armor the silk shirt would not be penetrated and remain intact wrapped around the Arrowhead as it entered the body. This did two things, Immediately slow blood loss, and then it made it very easy to remove the Arrowhead because it was wrapped within the silk fabric. All they had to do was pull on the silk and the Arrowhead would slide right out with it.

    Quite ingenious….

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  3. You’re exactly correct JR. This is indeed what we find with the evidence of the Mongols! There is debate over whether the arrow was removed with the silk straight out or if the silk was used to twist it out, a minor point. And, yes, Genghis had an entire supply chain that followed him everywhere and, as you point out, those people had to be fed too. It was quite an operation and on a large scale. I suspect their horsemen spread millet seed around and on their return trips back home they had something to eat which is better than facing the possibility of starvation.

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