7 comments on “Ancient Chambers Across Northern Arizona!!…and the Mongollon Culture

  1. Sure would give reason for the reference of “ant people” wouldn’t it? This is absolutely fascinating and would make me want to discretely follow it through to where it ends up if it took my lifetime. There would have to be more entrances or at least air shafts of some sort if it did run that far. How far do you think you got? Did it end or continue on? Did you detect a draft?

    Thanks…I will be curious about this for weeks now. lol


  2. The network of caves (catacombs, tunnels, etc) could indeed explain the “ant people.” Perhaps there were in fact people living in these systems at one time although we saw no evidence of this. I’m not very good at judging distances but my brother figured we were about 1/4 to 1/2 mile in. Yes there was a draft in the tunnel and in some places you could see sunlight shining through the roof. There was also a side tunnel coming in from the west and one from the east that we did not explore. The tunnel was also inhabited by many bats! I’m sure that the entrance we used to get into the tunnel was not the main entrance as it was very small and we had to lay on our bellies to squeeze in and out. What I did notice is that there was a well worn path on the floor of the cave that we followed. We all planned on going back and exploring more including the side tunnels one day but we never did as we all got caught up in life.


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