4 comments on “Ancient Medicine: New Study Adds More Verification!

  1. “Researchers are no longer recommending that we drink 20 million gallons of water per day as they’ve now decided that our bodies tell us when we need water IF we pay attention to our bodies.”

    Yep, my Son in law ended up in the hospital one time because he was Grossly “Over Hydrated”.

    “Also, you know those cravings you have for such things as olives, pickles, a great tossed salad, fruit, fish, certain meats, etc? Some researchers are now recommending we give into these cravings because it is our bodies telling us it needs something in that food.”

    Veterinarians have told me that this is the reason behind a Dog craving Cat Droppings. There is something in these that their body craves and needs but is not found in Dog food. So I think it is a Primal Instinct in ourselves we should pay attention to like you say. But good thing we don’t crave the same thing Dogs do. 🙂

    “Perhaps we need to go back to that rule and pass up much of the junk foods that are put before us as they are mostly composed of refined sugars and corn syrups that end up sending us down a road most of us never intended to be on.”

    So yesterday I decided to read what was actually in the baby formula we are feeding our six month old grandson. This addiction is being shoved on everyone from the very beginning! Timely coincidence you are writing about this now!

    Here are the first main ingredients in order:

    Corn Syrup, Milk Protein Isolate, Palm Olein, Sucrose, Coconut Oil, Soy Oil, High Oleic Oil, and Galacto-Oligosaccharides (GOS).

    The rest is less than 1% of even more Oils and “added” Vitamins and Minerals. It made me sick thinking that Mothers Milk and Cow’s Milk are the only other alternatives. And for years now they have been pushing “Cow’s Milk is not safe for Babies, do not feed it to them until they are at least 1 one year old”. Sure they sat this, they own stock in these formula companies… but I cannot see how the formula could be any safer in the long run!

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  2. Yes thank God we don’t crave the same thing some dogs do LMAO 🙂 It pays to read the ingredients. I used to pay no attention and one day I started reading what was actually in some of the stuff I was eating. I was SHOCKED to say the least. Now I read everything and I often put stuff back on the shelf and pass on by. Haven’t missed any of those items at all, frankly. And yes they do own stock in the baby formula companies and that stock is typically higher than milk stock. How many babies were raised on cow’s milk over the past 200 years plus? Many! And now we raise them on formula and many of our youth are very unhealthy. The sugar addition is created early in life by these companies who know EXACTLY what they are doing. And it works perfectly at the price of the health of our youth and ourselves, sadly.

    We’ve been conditioned to pay no attention to our bodies but to listen to the “experts.” Problem is most of the “experts” are taking bribes to skew their opinions and results! Just think what might have happened to our early ancestors had they not listened to their bodies and nature and instead listened to some “expert.” There would have been a mass HUMAN extinction event long ago.

    Most our the “health news” they report is no more than free commercials and junk science. We humans might LIKE to think that we are above and separate from nature BUT we are not. We took ourselves out of nature but we can’t take nature out of us. And this is the BIGGEST human problem we have today, frankly. And that problem only gets bigger the more we go against nature in case no one has noticed.


  3. HAH YES!!! eat this root? most of the entire pharmaceutical industry is unneeded. The National Cholesterol Educational Panel is made up of PAID consultants to the statin companies, and they do skew the numbers. Lipitor, the first, is as bad as they get. in their first magazine ad they claim a 36%* reduction in heart attacks in a double blind study. READ the asterisk on the back of the page in the microscopic print and it says that 3% of the placebo group had heart attacks verses 2% in the lipitor group, over 31/2 years. that means in order to prevent 1 heart attack 100 people will have to take this toxin for 3and1/2 years so one person gets any measurable benefit. the other 99 get nothing yet many will suffer side effects. It is also more common than i thought to tell people that drugs don’t have side effects, or they are in your head, you have anxiety, and then put you on more drugs. and then to insult our intelligence even more, the American Medical Industrial Complex masquerades as “health care providers” calling some of the newest drugs “biologics”. it is all JUNK SCIENCE!! the no. 3 killer in the U.S. of A. is medical mistakes and half of them are drug related and i’m not talking about recreational use of oxy, no i’m talking about taking them like you are bullied into by arrogant profiteering pushers!!

    go into any clinic or hospital and see how many “healthcare” professionals are obese. morbidly obese? 1/2 of them are where i live. the ones that aren’t are still out of shape. i swear it is true, and they get pissed if you refuse to take something that is obviously not doing a thing too. case and point, i was on a medium dose statin as my ldl was 145, the statin lowered it to 119, then it started to cause muscle aches so i quit it cold turkey and went BACK on 2 “Nature’s Way” artichoke and 2 garlic capsules and my ldl, again is 120. oh yeah the muscle pain is gone too! the 1st step to good health is into your very own veg garden, the next best step is into the produce section of the grocery store, then the real raw meat section. if you think the best step is through a hospital or clinic door, you are to late that’s medical care. My sister in law is a GP and even she said doctors are prescribing drugs with reckless abandon.

    for all the chem-trail conspiracy believers, why try to crop-dust at 40,000 feet which may drift and land on that flat-top hairdo of trump’s. that’s inaccurate and expensive, compared to the pharmaceutical industry, which is more accurate, successful and it makes a profit for the conspirators.

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    • I like that you are using the term “Junk Science” Randolf. lol The Chemtrail thing is craziness. They are all upset because they are detecting “Aluminum Sulfate”, Well Aluminum Sulfate is same as Baking Powder. It is a natural discharge of Aluminum Turbine Fins as they wear and degrade from pressure and heat. 🙂


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