7 comments on “The Little People: Makhunik, Iran

  1. This make much more sense than giants from outer space coming here for the gold and having sex with monkeys making humans or whatever nonsense the Nibiruans claim. the inter-breeding of hominids is not only possible, in hard times when there were bottlenecks in populations, it is probable. the instinct to procreate is strong. during the colonization of the eastern US the settlers killed off the eastern wolf, bringing them to the brink of extinction. Thus opening up the landscape for the western coyote. since wolves eat deer and elk that’s what settlers were eating as well and they considered the wolf competition. coyotes don’t normally eat large animals as they are to small to take down deer or elk, wolves in hard times will eat small animals like rabbits and such but are to big and that’s not enough to feed a bunch of wolves. so out of necessity to procreate, the few wolves left did interbreed with the coyote , and the eastern coyote or “coywolf” was born. geneticists believe this happened about 300 years ago and it took place in southeastern Canada. they have proliferated, they live in the city of Toronto and in the north eastern US. biologists see them mixing it up, not only with other coywolves, but coyotes and wolves as well. is this going to be a whole bunch of variants of wild canine? seems so, so why couldn’t humans? it certainly seems they did as well.

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  2. Well I see you’ve read Sitchins “Earth Chronicles” lol. Excellent example regarding the wolves and coyotes and also coyotes will interbreed with dogs as well producing “Coydog” offspring. I truly believe in regards to humans there were various species of humans coexisting at different times and they interbred quite possibly for the reasons you state. And you are absolutely right, in that, the need to procreate is very strong in all species including humans and ancient human ancestors. Excellent comment!!


  3. I find this article fascinating Roberto! As a little person I can testify to the reality of this intelligence level you speak of here. There are many examples of this trait in these real hybrids throughout history.

    Martin Luther King, Jr., Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, James Madison, Andrew Carnegie, Charlie Chaplin, Ulysses S. Grant, Pablo Picasso, Voltaire, Harry Houdini, Ludwig van Beethoven, Genghis Khan, Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Isaac Newton and hundreds more including myself.

    But most important of all would be … Napoleon Bonaparte. Because he was the one who inspired me to share this example of a real true syndrome labeled “The Napoleon Complex” in where little people compensate for their stature by trying to be domineering over taller people with intellect and aggressiveness. lol

    Fact is though, this is a misnomer because Napoleon was actually 5′ 6″ and average height for a Frenchman of that time. And little people tend to lose their temper less often than tall people. ūüôā

    Seriously though… Something interesting I found while studying ancient Castles of Europe was the Doorway heights. The older they are, the shorter and wider the doorways were. The Doorways started to get taller and skinnier after the conquests of the North Men. So even though this was not that long ago in history, it does prove a Hybridization Theory!

    Now I have to go dig into this area and topic!

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  4. Napoleon was indeed average height for a Frenchman of his times and in regards to castle doorways you are absolutely correct! The older the castle, the shorter and wider the doorways! And, true again, after the Norsemen began to invade the rest of Europe the doorways got taller and skinnier just as you say. The short Europeans obviously interbred with the taller, skinnier Norsemen.


  5. Makunik… There are a few interesting spots here. In the left fork there is an oval structure which appears to be a walled and segmented settlement now nearly buried. There are what look like hand dug wells along the underground water course. And in the valley just a bit to the left there is another Walled and segmented oval area.

    32¬į27’00.66″ N 60¬į24’16.52″ E

    Pretty cool Roberto!

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  6. It’s a pretty fascinating site I think and there are plenty more of the Little People sites around the world according to Dr Susan Martinez (Anthropologist). I know of some ruins in Arizona which exist in a canyon. Basically, what these people did was build a face wall with a window and door over small caves in the canyon. The windows and the doors are very small and a person my size would basically have no room to move around at all. BUT if these were Little People then suddenly the structures make sense and have room to move! ūüôā I may get back to this canyon this summer and if so I will post photos and post about it. It’s actually pretty fascinating and it even appears these Little People carved out a granite pathway to get in and out of the canyon.


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