4 comments on “Neanderthals Used Herbal Medicine!

    • Thanks for the above link JR. I see nothing new. Hunters still do today what these ancient hunters did. I love the last line in the article….

      “Not only did the site host a settled community, it was a MORE ADVANCED SOCIETY than we have previously believed.” concludes Adam Boethius.

      Well…HELLO! 🙂


  1. Having a naturapathic doctor and using herbs instead of drugs, i find this information liberating. why do we look at ancient humans and automatically think they are stupid and primitive? when in fact they are more educated in the ways of nature than most people today. The last time i was up on the Blackfeet Indian reservation, i saw a small cafe named The Three Sisters. thinking to myself 3 sisters must own/run the cafe. not so, well maybe. the 3 sisters, i learned is an agricultural term referring to 3 crop plants, corn, beans and squash. the corn is a grass that needs nitrogen, beans are related to clover and produce nitrogen that the corn needs. the beans also use the corn as a pole to climb, the squash acts as a ground cover, shading the soil and reducing evaporation. squash is slightly prickly and that helps repel pests. Indians planted these 3 seeds in the same hole.

    that said the American Indian was neither primitive nor savage, but knew the systems of nature and knew how to enhance those same systems to their benefit. modern man does not, with our mono-cultural agriculture farming, there is no bio-diversity. what if we had a corn blight like the Irish potato blight? the junk food industry would be gone in a heartbeat. no corn syrup, no high fructose corn syrup, no corn syrup solids, no more Doritos either!! beef would have to start eating a healthier diet too!

    I saw this “History of Medicine” under a piece of glass at the “Integrative Medicine” clinic that i went to before my back doctor retired.
    2,000B.C.: Here eat this root, it will make you healthy.
    300A.D.: Don’t eat that root, that’s heathen. Sickness is the wages of sin, say this prayer and repent. God will heal your ills.
    1,850A.D.: Don’t say that prayer, that’s superstitious. Drink this elixir, it will cure what ails you, and it will clean almost everything.
    1,950A.D.: Don’t drink that elixir, that’s snake oil. Take this antibiotic, it will kill what ails you.
    1,985A.D.: Keep taking that antibiotic, but also take this new blue pill, the doctor says it is right for you, it will make you happy.
    2,000A.D.: Don’t take that antibiotic, they don’t work so well anymore, and that blue pill is highly addictive, has horrible side effects, and in some cases it has made people want to kill themselves, so here, EAT THIS ROOT…

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  2. It is our own blind ethnocentrism that causes us to label indigenous people as “savages” and our own ancient human ancestors as well. Yet the evidence is to the contrary and so perhaps we need to start to wonder just who the real savages are.

    A picture has been painted of the Neanderthals as savage, brutish cavemen who carry clubs and bop women over the head. They have been portrayed as ignorant and as having no culture. Yet, scientific evidence contradicts this perception of the Neanderthals and it is beginning to appear they indeed had a sophisticated culture and were, in fact, intelligent ancestors.

    I like how your timeline above comes full circle lol. We are back to square 1 and should have never left 🙂


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