2 comments on “Cannibalism! More frequent than we thought….

  1. Just read about a week ago ISIS was committing Cannibalism for religious reasons, but not respectful reasons. Strange thing about this is the last thing a follower of Islam would ever want is to be eaten after death, It is one of the few things that truly scares them. Wish I could go watch this, My connection doesn’t like videos. I bookmarked it so that I can watch it later! thank you Roberto!

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    • ISIS sanctions many things that orthodox Muslims detest such as murder and suicide both of which are deemed sins according to the Qur’an. ISIS also engages in orgies and drug use both of which are also Muslim sins. And yes, cannibalism is as well. ISIS is NOT Islamic in any sense of the word! They are a political terror group simply using the guise of religion to justify their vile and barbaric sickness.


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