6 comments on “ISIS and it’s rampage of destruction continues!

  1. Unfortunately this has happened so many times by so many faiths and cultures throughout history. It’s a wonder there is still anything left for historians to find.


  2. I can just imagine what was lost at the Library of Alexandria alone… So many questions we ask now may have been answered with what was once there.


    • Something I have always wondered about concerns the Maya and the Aztecs. When the Spanish came marching in with their self-righteous priests they destroyed most of their codex’s as they forced Catholicism on them. What was lost? The priests didn’t even bother to decipher most of it. Instead they just had everything summarily destroyed. And this same story has been repeated around the world by people thinking their religion is the only “true” religion. And so my question is, “What if all religions are wrong? What if they are just inventions of man to divide and keep people divided? What if God doesn’t want any of our religions but, simply, our Faithful Love? Then what?” 🙂

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      • I now think there is no need to question if religion was designed to divide and control. There are just far too many examples pointing to this as a fact. Something important in history to remember about the timeline of the Mayan and Aztec period though. Christians tend to distance themselves from that reality and blame the Catholics.

        Problem is when this happened Catholics actually identified themselves as “Christians” So there was a tie to these actions and Christianity. Not long before this is when the sects started to divide with the Anglican Christians on one side and the Catholic Christians on the other side in a competition for superior righteousness as sects of Christianity.

        Then not long after the Spanish conquests came the Anglo Conquests of North America in which they committed the very same atrocities, So these folks have no room to point a finger at the other. Pure hypocrisy and lack of self admission for the true facts of History.

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  3. This all points to Extremism and lack of Tolerance. But they are not the only ones guilty of this type of Extremism. And there is no justification for any of it.

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