2 comments on “Have Denisovan Skulls Finally Been Found?

  1. I saw this and was going to go read it, Good to see you covering this, now I don’t have to. The Brain volume is pretty remarkable. Like you, I am excited to see what the DNA shows! An unusual connection with the new world maybe?

    What? No height and weight estimates from this find? Maybe they are getting better at being less premature about these assumptions? lol


  2. From what I understand the first attempts at getting some viable DNA failed but they are going to try again. Hopefully they will get some and we can start learning more about just who or what the Denisovans were and where they went. Would not surprise me in the least if they we “nomads of the landbridge.” 🙂

    Oh no no height/weight speculations yet but I’m sure they’re coming lol.

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