7 comments on “Dmanisi: The Controversy Continues

  1. Absolutely. Roberto? what made their tools more advanced? Was it because they were “Worked” around the whole circumference of the preform rather than just on one end like basic Oldowan choppers?

    All we have to do now is find another parallel evolution in the new world. I think it IS here we just haven’t found It yet. 🙂

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  2. I have to share this… I have been playing with knapping again for the last few weeks. About a week ago I started to work a Cobble, but this particular rock did not like me. I had pretty much ended up with an Oldowan chopper with the sharp edges abraded off in attempt to create new edge platforms to work with when I gave up on it. Well with the edges ground off like that it looked like an authentic worn Oldowan tool. My NPS archaeologist friend stopped by and saw it laying out there and asked “Where did you find this?!!!”. I had him going for a bit. lol

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  3. Yep, Like playing with glass shards! lol I wonder how many in the distant past were killed just from knapping? Severed arteries, Infections from cuts, Etc.

    That raises another question you touched on in this article. Teeth! Dental problems may well have been one of the main causes of death in Early Man!


      • I thought about this last night and without a clan an individual would be in serious trouble from even minor injuries. Just a sprained ankle could kill you because you are unable to hunt. A sprained ankle more than likely got you stone flaking duty instead. 🙂


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