6 comments on “H. Antecessor: The “Human Pioneer”

  1. Great Article! And great questions you ask here. I have a couple curiosities, the first would be what might be a discrepancy in the 200 lb Body Weight to height ratio. I am 5′-5″ and even when I was lifting weights and bulked up I never weighed over 150. They would have had to be very well fed or built like a short wide Gorilla! 🙂

    Roberto? I didn’t look yet. but is this close to the controversial Pyrenees Mountain area between France and Spain?

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    • These mountains are actually SW of the Pyrenees. Keep in mind we have no skeleton. We have a few bone fragments and some lower jaws so in terms of body weight, etc it is speculation. Short and fat is what they are speculating about this species! Food must have been wonderfully abundant? I doubt it! I think they are wrong!! Further, H. erectus was near 6 ft tall with some over that height and modern humans at this time were not obese. I suspect H. antecessor was much like H. erectus and modern humans as it had both primitive and modern features. I’d say tall and lean is more like it.

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  2. Man…this thing is now right on the money Roberto! I used to get about three “cannot display webpage” warnings before it would finally post a comment or reply! Thank You!


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