6 comments on “Patagonia, Homo erectus, and the Americas

  1. I have dug into Patagonia pretty well. Let me see If I can find my links for you. There are documented discoveries I found much older than 15K. 🙂

    I honestly think there was a migration from Patagonia to the North into Peru and Brazil.


  2. You mentioning possible different species reminds me of some of the Myths Whittall also shares. Even though the Myths may be about Primates, there are some interesting connections to Human behavior. Besides the Bigfoot there are those like the Yosi and other similar Dwarfs. Apparently there were possible eye witnesses to the Yosi even into the 1920’s.

    “Molina published a paper and gave it a scientific name: Fuegopithecus paakensis inspired on that of his Haush informant named “Pa:ka”. He also recorded Yosi’s particular behavior, and in agreement with Bridges noted that “these apes, imitating man, gathered dry wood, piling it up and sitting beside it, without setting it ablaze”.

    “Joši Spirits have a face like an Indian, they dress in guanaco or fox skins like Indians and hold sticks or stones in their hands. They are many bad ones because they try to kill men, and the Indians fear them a lot”.


    Index of more “Wild Men” here…


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  3. Interesting, Yosi was described as having no tail and was bipedal. Also interesting that it is alleged to imitate man and that they wear clothing. Is this “myth” describing surviving Ardipithecus or Australopithicines? Or were these creatures not monkeys but some kind of New World ape or chimp? They were photographed by Anthropologist Gusinde the article says. Would love to see those photos which likely are now long gone. This fact puts the whole legend into reality from fantasy!

    They imitated modern man. They would have sex with humans in the wilds. Not the behavior of apes and chimps we see today for the most part. And I’d say all this plus their wearing of clothing indicates they are not apes or chimps at all but something more akin to humans. I don’t believe the nocturnal arousal/walking dreams explanation. It tends to be a very loosely defined “catch all” for many things science can’t explain. These “mythical” creatures could have well been dwarf humans and/or humans with some sort of genetic defect.

    They could be something like the Bili Ape found in the Congo which is basically a giant chimp that was only spoken of in legends until they were actually found and photographed in recent times.


  4. I’ll bet those photos are still around in a private collection somewhere, they would be worth Big Bucks now.

    I found this one intriguing also. 🙂

    Still trying to find my sticky note with the links Roberto…


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