6 comments on “Neanderthals STILL Influencing Modern Humans Today!

  1. Man…This new fangled DNA thing is getting interesting isn’t it? This just let half my family off the hook for their personalities. lol Seriously though, This science is getting pretty incredible!


  2. The sequencing of Neanderthal DNA has turned out to be something truly amazing IMO. Unfortunately, we can’t do the same with the DNA of H. erectus, or H. habilis, et al as their DNA is to degraded. It would be wonderful if we stumbled across some DNA from those species that was not degraded and we could pull some DNA out to sequence.

    Actually, this research lets about 98% of the people on this planet off the hook LOL.

    I find genetics amazing and I think it is the key to future research in a variety of fields. Rather than speculation it gives us some concrete scientific facts and that is what is needed today now more than ever.


  3. I love how it is changing so many assumptions! Now here is a question? They have found Dinosaur DNA in good enough shape to maybe even clone one. Could the “Degraded” DNA of early humans actually be by design? Maybe it really isn’t but we are being told it is? I am having trust issues lately… lol


  4. They are having problems with getting viable DNA from the Mammoths they found in Siberia from what I understand. I’d assume they would really have problems getting dinosaur DNA even though they won’t admit to it. Not all bones are fossilized or mineralized. That is what leads some people to believe the dinos didn’t go extinct that long ago and then there is the finding of the soft tissue issue 🙂

    I don’t know if they are covering up early human DNA or not. I’ve considered the idea but have no real proof. I don’t know what their motive would be if they had viable ancient human DNA yet covered it up and tried not to sequence it UNLESS the DNA would prove all of the dates absolutely wrong OR the DNA proves these “ancient human ancestors” are not related to us at all. If this were the case we’d never be told about it as it would invalidate evolutionary theory in and out.

    Frankly, I keep hoping that we will one day find some viable AHA DNA and sequence it. Say something from H. erectus or even H. habilis. But it looks like we are not going to find any, unfortunately. Would be HIGHLY interesting to see how much erectus DNA is in humans today and if it is just in certain groups or all humans.


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