3 comments on “Desert Humans Evolved to Drink Poison Water

  1. A lot of the natural water sources around my area also have Arsenic concentrations as you noted. But I think during past “Wetter Times” the concentration would have been lower at these sources because faster flowing water tends to pick up less minerals on the way through. But it’s still there.

    This topic fascinates me and creates curiosities. I wonder if there are not also traits we may have lost over time? For example we can assume that the first eating of Meat was probably in the form of Carrion, and much of that was probably rotten. Did we evolve to have the ability to do this without getting sick and then now lose this resistance to the bacteria over time because cooking Meat became the Norm?

    Then there is the Appendix Organ, Up until recently it was thought the Appendix served no purpose and was just left over from an earlier time in evolution when it was needed for some unknown reason. Now they have found that it does indeed have a actual function.

    Much needed Digestive Enzymes are slowly purged from the Digestive Tract over time. From what I gather, the Appendix occasionally performs a dumping of new Digestive Enzymes into the Intestinal Tract to maintain a healthy digestion environment. Just an example of how much we really still don’t know about ourselves!


  2. I’m sure not only have we gained traits via adaptations but we have also lost them. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that early human ancestors were more scavengers than hunters so, yes, likely they ate a lot of rotten meat or close to it. And somehow they survived or we would not be around today. I suspect yet another adaptation occurred which allowed them to eat rotten meat and not get sick. But, if so, then today that trait has disappeared in modern humans (at least most of us). I’m sure cooking meat played a central role in the loss of such a trait also.

    In addition to the appendix phenomena or should I say REVELATION 🙂 not so long ago we considered some human DNA to be “junk DNA” serving no real purpose. But, as it turns out all of this so called “junk DNA” serves a variety of purposes with some playing a key role in our immune systems, for example.

    And so, once again……..”What we thought was, was not. And what we thought was not, turned out to be was.”


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