3 comments on “Climate…Global Warming….I finally Get it!!

  1. I see this is starting to bug you as much as it does me. Without diving too far into the “Political Climate”, this is just a very small part of a much larger ongoing Social Engineering agenda that started back in 1966. It is all geared towards implementation of Global Communism and Debt Slavery. The goal is Indentured Servitude…

    I’m not sure how many folks truly understand what a huge bullet we actually dodged in this last election. It was to be the final piece inserted to make the jigsaw puzzle complete and irreversible. Just a small hiccup in their agenda, they will regroup and come at us again by somehow justifying this deception, manipulation and exploitation.

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  2. I’ve heard that before. It is geared towards global communism as the goal of communism is to destroy capitalism. And debt slavery? Most of us are already there lol.

    They said Obama was the “preparer of the war.” That is he was suppose to set the final ground work to smooth the path for the destruction of the Republic. Yes they will regroup I’m sure. They always do.

    I’ve been to communist countries in the past and let me tell you they are far WORSE than what you see on TV or in the news. Not one of them shared the wealth! The wealth was in the hands of a small elite, the party big shots, and the masses were made to do without. Communism is NOT sharing the wealth but that is their rhetoric. Nothing is equal and nothing is fair. In their rise to power they identify and use what they call “useful idiots” and once they come to power they slaughter the “useful idiots” most of which are college students, professors, pastors, activists, etc. They only use them so they can get power and when they do the useful idiots are murdered by the new VERY oppressive regime. We’ve seen this same plan play out time and time again in history (USSR, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.). Remember Pol Pot? He ordered his youthful Khemer Rouge to kill anyone who wore eyeglasses and they did! Why? Because he told them anyone wearing eye glasses was an “intellectual.” And the USSR? Remember Stalin’s “solution” to the famine that struck after the communist takeover of the family farms? The state had no idea how to farm so a famine resulted. And his “solution” was to kill masses of people in the Ukraine! Oh yes it solved the problem but the stench of death was on his hands forever!


  3. Yep…The Marxist dream of a Utopian World is just that…a dream. Unchangeable human nature and greed dictates that it will always evolve into an oppressive regime. These folks have no idea what they are asking for. They are about ready to eat each other in Venezuela because of it. Women are smothering their own Babies to death rather than see them starve to death slowly. This will be the “Utopian world” my Grandchildren will grow up into if the brainwashing is not put in check.

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