3 comments on “US Congress Launches Probe in NOAA and Climate Data

  1. Good, Good, Good. It’s about time. Not only were they lying about temps in Africa Roberto, They purposely located most of the temp monitoring stations in the US inside major cities where recorded temps are much higher caused by the Quantity of vehicles, Buildings and Pavement than actual temps. Fraud from the get go!

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    • Question is will Congress do anything about it? Judging from the past I suspect they will do next to nothing. It is now up to the common folk to discern real science from fake science.


  2. Since this all junk science started with California legislation, Ca should be added to this list along with the Fed agencies. The financial impact to Businesses, Corporations and the Economy nationwide amounts to hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars. A Nationwide class action suit against California would get it out there and it would be hard for congress to ignore the situation. The Trucking Industry alone has an open and shut case right now if they pursued it. Once someone gets slapped, everyone else will be more cautious in the future with passing legislation based on junk science.

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