3 comments on “The Yanomamo

  1. Man…You jumped in this category with both feet and reached to the very depths of human actions in Spirituality. lol It truly is hard for most cultures and faiths to judge folks like this as Savages because of their rituals.

    There is so much hidden truth about the reality of cannibalism in culture and religion. Like you say, It has happened more than one would think. Some faiths still practice similar in a symbolic nature today.

    Even in Europe where “it never happened” because they were so civilized…


    Great stuff Roberto. This tribe was new to me. I find the Four levels rather than the more common three levels of existence interesting. And here again is the Flood Story in yet another culture!


  2. Animism and Pantheism needs to be explored more as accepted ideals. I guess I could call my new observation in faith a combination of the two… they knew… now we need to acknowledge their wisdom. We would not be in the shape we are now if we had continued in that direction.


  3. I’ve studied a lot of tribal and ancient religions and spiritual movements. I was first made aware of the Yanomamo back in the early 80’s by an archaeologist friend of mine and found them fascinating. And I still do. They really are an amazing people I think. And YES here again is a FLOOD STORY! It’s amazing so many cultures large and small, known and obscure have these flood stories all over the world.

    Cannibalism is far more widespread than most people think or want to think. But, nevertheless, it is part of our “evolution.” Among the Yanomamo of the Amazon it is “normal” and those who do not engage in it are deemed disrespectful of the dead and ostracized or shunned. Thanks for the link and I will be looking at it.


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