3 comments on “Violence in Prehistoric California

  1. I am antiwar, but now realize there is no changing the primal brain stem fight or flight instincts of all species of animals, including advanced Primates.

    I think this might support my “Tossing one bottle into a room full of Babies” Theory. 🙂


  2. In anthropology there is an ages old theory to explain social deviance and mental stress. It says that our technology is way up here, but mentally and emotionally humans are still down there. Thus, there is a big gap. Many of us have not evolved to deal with our present modern world.

    War has always been a part of the human story from the dawn of time. If you look at Homo erectus you could conclude he was one of the most war-like of the hominids. We like to think he simply migrated out of Africa and across the world spreading peace and love but the evidence suggests he was on a conquest. The ancient world was not a fairy tale and neither is our present age. Most wars have been fought over resources be they monetary, industrial, or humans to be used for slavery. The “have nots” want what the “haves” have and when they can’t get it peacefully they employ warfare to take it. Same story! Different actors! Same script 🙂 The only thing that has really changed is our weapons.


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